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To succeed during the OSS/BSS transformation and derive the best value out of it, Telcos should ensure data consistency and accuracy at every stage of the Migration process. A poorly designed migration strategy could lead to severe consequences, including revenue loss and poor customer experience. Subex serves as a watchdog to ensure that your OSS/BSS migration is carried out successfully from the initial stages of planning through the final stages of testing and implementation.


Optimize your OSS/BSS Investments with One Simple Strategy

Since your OSS/BSS investments are critical for your business, the migration strategy should focus on optimizing them both quantitatively and qualitatively. With Subex, you get a strategic partner with deep domain knowledge to assess your requirements, implement the right migration strategy and perform field tests to eliminate the snags that could occur during the process. Having a third-party watchdog to help you in the migration process, you can derive the best ROI and peace of mind at the end.

Eliminate Billing Errors during Migration

Are you worried about the possibility of a billing/invoice error after migration? Well, with several instances of poor OSS/BSS migration leading to such errors causing huge revenue loss to Telcos, we have designed a flawless migration assurance strategy that performs validation checks and reconciliation tasks at each stage to eliminate the discrepancies at all layers. Not just that, we also conduct post-migration validation checks on all invoice and bill cycle activities through individual Go Live tests.


No Budget Overruns and Project Delays

With over two decades of expertise in Telecom OSS/BSS domain, Subex is the best strategic partner and consultant for all your migration needs. We have deep understanding of the leading OSS/BSS solutions in the market, and our coordinated efforts with all prominent vendors in the market have yielded the best results for several Telcos. Our domain expertise, combined with the professional competence of our employees, will help you meet the migration deadlines and budgets.


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