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Know how Subex has helped telecom companies across the globe to solve critical challenges to improve profitability.
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A multi-dimensional IoT security partnership – the Pod Group case study
IoT Security

A multi-dimensional IoT security partnership – the Pod Group case study

Asian Telco Implements Centralized Route Optimization Solution
Partner Settlement

Reduced the bill generation duration from a week to two hours and off¬ered visibility into the revenue cycle for better revenue settlement with partners.

How Cell Site Analytics Helped an African Telco to Increase Usage Adoption and ARPU
Analytics Center of Trust

Read the case study to know how the Telco achieved cell site network optimization to deliver the best customer experience

ROC Capacity Management for Smart Network Investment, Maximized Roi, Optimized Capex, and Enhanced Customer Experience
Capacity Management

Make smart investments towards video to maximize ROI, and enhance customer experience 

Tier 1 Middle East Operator Prevents Wangiri Fraud with Signaling Intelligence
Fraud Management

Prevent 5.5x more Wangiri calls and deliver the best customer experience

A Middle East Telecom Operator Combats SIP Frauds With Subex’s Digital Fraud Prevention Solution
Fraud Management

Increased fraud coverage and reduced fraud run-time

Partner Settlement Success Story of Tier 1 APAC Operator
Partner Settlement

Know how the operators successfully managed partner settlement with the increasing data volumes each day

Improve Customer Acquisition in Less Than 8 Weeks Through Advanced Analytics
Analytics Center of Trust

A tier 1 operator in South East Asia improved the ROI of customer acquisition campaign using advanced analytics

Get Marketing Campaigns Right Through Social Network Analytics
Analytics Center of Trust

Know how an operator achieve significant rise in customer acquisition per month through SNA

Asian Telco Combating Bypass Fraud with Subex Bypass Fraud Solution Powered by Artificial Intelligence!
Fraud Management

Detect 99% of the SIM box activity in the first 10 minutes of usage

Driving Multimillion-dollar Capex Savings Through Optimal Utilization of Network Assets
Network Analytics

A leading operator identifies underutilized assets amounting to multimillion-dollar Capex savings

Indian Telco Deploys Partner Settlement Solution
Partner Management

Know how the Telco reduced billing cycle from 30 to 7 days and content partner settlement from 60 to 15 days

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