Leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology for Digital Trust
With digitalization, data and partnerships are at the heart of transformation. Hence you must trust your data. Blockchain helps you build trust in your data, which is vital for a successful partnership. It has the potential to positively impact the telecom industry, which is facing challenges with partner disputes and fraud daily. Partner settlements and fraud mitigation are two of the top challenges that telecom operators face regularly. As the ecosystem continues to change, it is essential to upgrade some of the wholesale practices like inter-carrier settlement and wholesale fraud mitigation to have operational efficiency. Blockchain promises to tackle these challenges by making the process less error-prone by moving the reactive process to a more proactive one. It provides DSPs quick access to blocked revenues due to disputes and fraud scenarios and simultaneously enables trust in digital partnerships.

How Subex is Leading the Way

Subex Blockchain Network is powered by the capabilities of an enterprise-grade DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) solution that is supported by a strong development community and focused on solving business problems while reducing compliance complexities for Telcos. The open API framework can seamlessly integrate with existing billing systems enabling faster time-to-market and quick addressal of reconciliation and fraud mitigation. The interface is designed especially for users to see near real-time reconciliation reports with summarized data that can be drilled down to event level discrepancies.

We have strong expertise in Blockchain with 20+ years of Interconnect Settlement and Fraud expertise. Subex is an active member of various industry consortiums and driving conversations for making Blockchain-based solutions a business reality for the telecom industry. Subex is a member of the Communications Business Automation Network (CBAN) & Risk and Assurance Group (RAG) Blockchain consortiums. We also chair the Intercarrier Settlement Telecom SIG – Linux Foundation Hyperledger. We also recently signed an MoU with one of India’s top universities to collaborate for research.

Blockchain to Assure your Business

Subex can help you automate the current intercarrier settlement process using Blockchain. Blockchain can help remove the challenges of missing CDRs and discrepancies that cost a lot of time and money for the telecom operators. Subex streamlines the process by using Blockchain to record transactional data that becomes a single source of truth. This further establishes digital trust in the partnerships and assures profitability for the business.

Blockchain-based smart contract management can automate SLA agreements, thus reducing the need for multiple validation. It offers a real-time view to everyone as well as sets threshold breaches, which is made visible to all the partners involved. It can help CSPs with quick dispute resolution through tamper-proof verifiable transactions.

Blockchain to Secure your Business

Subex leverages Blockchain to offer visibility on possible fraud scenarios such as Wangiri, smart FAS, Short Stops, and other wholesale fraud. It also assists in publishing fraud mitigation evidence. It collates fraud information from external systems to provide a consolidated view of discrepancies due to fraud, rate and volume.

Blockchain to Grow your Business

One of the challenges that CSPs face is the need to innovate in a highly competitive market, while at the same time making new services affordable for the customers. Blockchain will help optimize the operational overheads on Intercarrier Settlement and Wholesale Fraud Mitigation. This will ensure that Telcos use current investments, in terms of money and resources, towards operations which can generate new revenue streams.

Subex Blockchain Lab

Digital Trust is increasingly gaining importance and technologies like Blockchain have the potential to disrupt business models in many industries, including telecom. It can help in increasing transparency and efficiencies in business processes. Subex has built a Blockchain Lab, equipped with state-of-the- art facilities aiming to develop solutions to address challenges around Fraud Detection & Prevention, Identity as a Service and Data Management, Partner Management, 5G Enablement and Secure IoT Connectivity.

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