Migration Assurance

Mix of Technology, Services and Consulting to help operators mitigate risks involved during any migration

Key challenges without Assurance

The Migration assurance is important to mitigate the root cause areas of leakage such as financial loss due to inconsistency in migration, unplanned additional cost, operational problems on timely billing, project cost and timelines overrun etc. If not followed it leads to challenges like:

  • Inadequate planning and execution due to failure of strong governance and communication gaps
  • Project delays caused due to unrealistic unachievable timelines
  • Budget overrun with a direct impact on cost as managing old and new systems together is an overhead
  • Application stability issue due to improper development
  • Direct impact on revenue with incorrect charging and rating, re-rating for all plans and increase revenue leakage
  • Data integrity issues leading inconsistency in migrated data and data loss during migration
  • Customer dissatisfaction due to inconsistency in migrated data and data loss during migration

What Subex Business Assurance offers:

Validation of Migration Strategy
Validation of migration strategy to ensure risks across all business impacting systems are handled. Business process reengineering of existing controls, revamp and recreation of controls and SOP’s
Subscription service and UAT Test case Assurance
Assuring data consistency between legacy and new system corresponding to subscribers. Validate if UAT covers all risk scenarios such as participation in rehearsals and BCT/RCT Validation
Transactional Data and Seamless Integration Assurance
Assuring data consistency between legacy and new system corresponding to user, bill, invoice, rate etc. Impact Analysis and mitigation of risks for all business dependent downstream systems and processes
Re-rating Validation and data cleansing
Rating validation for subscribers during BCT/RCT and post migration. Validate plans not only in Legacy Vs New but also with marketing and get rid of unprofitable price plans

Additional Coverage

The migration assurance has a key role to play under Business Assurance. From planning to execution, it offers a variety of skill sets, leverage Business Assurance for automation of validation checks enabling faster time to market and Subject Matter Expertise to drive assurance strategy and derive the KPIs to ensure all business risks are taken care. It also offers other benefits such as:

  • Cost effective Resourcing Model
  • Experience with migrating to various other BSS/OSS Systems
  • Assuring quality with 3-Dimensional Checks
  • Optimized Project Cost
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