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Subex is a trusted global telecom solutions provider for 75% of the world’s top 50 telcos. Founded in 1992, the year when the video-telephone was launched, we have been part of the evolution of mobile technology. Today, we are consultants to global telecom carriers for operational excellence and business transformation by driving new revenue models, enhancing the customer experience and optimizing the enterprise.


Subex - The Spirit Of Making It Happen

Not long ago, Subex blazed a new trail with specialized products for the telecom sector. It went on to become one of the top players in the domain. The journey has been an eventful one. However, one of the most enduring stories about Subex has been the faith reposed by its clients and teams. Over the years, Subex has defined customer focus, technical sophistication, delivery maturity and resilience in a world which brings new challenges and radical shifts every day.

With a strong footing in our core domains, Subex is also charting a new course to make the best of emerging opportunities.


Welcome to Subex 3.0

After being part of the telecom revolution for over a quarter of a century, Subex is now charting the transformation of communications service providers into digital enterprises. We are developing next-generation solutions in new and emerging business areas such as advanced data analytics, business intelligence, business assurance and Internet of Things (IoT).


“Subex has been at the forefront of helping telcos through our industry-leading solutions. Since our inception, we have been sitting on a gold mine of data which is gathered across networks, customers, and systems.

This, coupled with our domain knowledge and technological capabilities puts us in the best position to draw meaningful insights for telcos and hence help them to drive new business models, enhance customer experience and optimize enterprises through Subex 3.0.”

Vinod Kumar, MD & CEO, Subex

How will Subex help clients?


A next gen enterprise

Subex helps me differentiate with new and emerging solutions/services and open new revenue streams / implement new business models. In effect, remain relevant in an age of new technologies and expectations of millennials.


Delight customers

Subex helps me deliver personalized experiences/services to customers by better understanding behaviour and responding with bespoke offerings. In effect, develop more empathy and intimacy with customers whose expectations keep rising.


Ensure sustainability

Subex helps me become more resilient in the long-term with a laser focus on operations, revenue and business risks. In effect, become a sustainable business enterprise.

What Will Subexians Do?


Sense and respond

Gauge the context to delight the client with a bespoke solution made to order for the business enterprise. In effect, become a trusted business partner of clients.


Driven by innovation

When the problem statement is defined, probe the issue to deliver a solution at the intersection of business and technology to deliver tangible business value. In effect, think out-of-the-box in interactions with clients.


Realize latent potential

Leverage the domain expertise and Intellectual Property of Subex to alter the perception of Subex 3.0. In effect, become a brand ambassador of Subex.

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