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HyperSense Fraud Management System

Traditional monitoring and fraud detection methods are proving to be inadequate in the face of heightened risks because of rapid digitization, new technologies, and innovative techniques used by fraudsters.

Subex’s AI-First Fraud Management on HyperSense is an end-to-end fraud management solution that provides 360-degree protection across various service offerings. It leverages AI at every step of the fraud management process to effectively combat fraud and security risks. With a state-of-the-art AI engine at the core, it helps fraud teams increase business-coverage, accuracy, and agility and enables them to use AI sustainably. It is designed to build digital trust by leveraging Explainable AI capabilities that provide complete transparency on how decisions are made.

End-to-end workflow

Subex’s AI-first fraud management system

Why AI-First Fraud Management System?

Challenges With Legacy Fraud Management Systems
Subex’s AI-First Fraud Management System
Higher false positives
Increased Accuracy

AI models help in making highly accurate decisions to drive further automation

Limited in terms of fraud coverage
Enhanced Precision

Enables detection of more cases for specific scenarios

Inadequate transparency in the decision process

Provides visibility and insights into the ‘why’ behind fraudulent transactions

Difficulty in analyzing large volumes of data
Enhanced Scalability

Enables analyzing large volumes of data and generating insights

Lack of interpretability

Provides suggestions on “how to move ahead” while detecting a particular scenario

Check out Subex Fraud Management Features

AI/ML Capabilities for Superior Fraud Detection

The system’s no-code environment allows users to easily develop AI and ML models. Key capabilities of Subex’s system include statistical analysis, feature algorithms, autoML, data preparation, and explainability, among others. Subex’s system also provides a custom ensemble of ML models solving specific fraud types like SIM Box, IRSF, handset fraud, subscription fraud, etc. Explainable AI capabilities help build digital trust and enable informed decision-making by providing complete transparency on how AI systems make decisions.

Enhanced Rule Modeling Capabilities to Detect Data Patterns

Enhanced Rule Modeling Capabilities to Detect Data Patterns

The HyperSense Fraud Management System allows users to configure different threshold evaluations as per evolving needs to detect fraud patterns. Some of the types of rules that can be configured on the system include threshold rules, geographic rules, pattern rules, machine learning rules, hotlist rules, SPAM detection rules, intrusion detection rules, and smart pattern rules.

Real-time Vigilance with Signaling Security

The fraud management system ensures the detection of new-age fraud by using a combination of AI and signaling capabilities. It monitors multiple parts of signaling traffic starting from the IP layer and going up to layer 7 to detect any minor or major security breach quickly. The solution not only keeps track of the origin of the attack but also correlates with the high-risk behavior at the higher network layers, thus identifying security breaches quickly and with more certainty.

Crucial Threat Intelligence for Improved Response

The system comes with several capabilities, including list management, global numbering intelligence, and VoIP threat intelligence, to ensure complete coverage. Subex has also partnered with RAG Wangiri Consortium, allowing it to provide CSPs with a decentralized and cryptographically secure blockchain ledger of Wangiri fraud-related information. To further enhance threat detection capabilities, Subex’s system gathers fraud intelligence from the market and the internet to collate the fraud intelligence database.

Efficient Data Management for Actionable Insights

The system allows CSPs to quickly integrate data from multiple sources such as Kafka, Pub/Sub, APIs, etc., leading to more effective handling of the fraud issues. Flexible and scalable ETL tools ensure that the data from varied sources can be quickly combined to better monitor and identify fraud. It comes with advanced components like string manipulations, automatic lookup handling, bulk load support, and data mapping tools to handle complex data mappings. This is crucial as CSPs move into business areas like fintech, among others.


Informed Decisions
Explainable AI capabilities provide transparency on how decisions are made by AI systems and help build trust.
Enhanced Visibility
Detects common links among fraudsters with an enhanced link analysis toolset, thus reducing fraud run-time.
Promotes Collaboration
The system fosters collaboration between technical and business teams for more effective handling of fraud-related issues.
Quicker Time-To-Action
The system’s advanced visualization and dashboarding capabilities, enable quick data-driven decisions, ensuring fast resolution to fraudulent activities.
Increased Efficiency
It comes with multiple sets of proprietary ensemble models that can adapt to evolving patterns, identify deviations & discover new fraud patterns quickly and accurately.
Improved Cost Economics
Subex’s Cloud-native and SaaS-based fraud management system integrates several capabilities into one integrated solution for enhanced cost efficiencies.


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