Order Management

Easy order management around challenges of low service and delay in usage

Key challenges without Assurance

The order management assurance is important to mitigate the root cause areas of leakage such as delay to service usage, incorrect subscriptions, low level of service etc. If not followed it leads to challenges like:

  • Order capturing inaccuracies
  • Order provisioning errors across home and partner systems
  • Cost & revenue impact due to order management issues
  • Incorrect order provisioning impact and cost analysis
  • Inefficiency of CRM and order management teams
  • Inaccuracies in handling of change management
  • Poor customer onboarding experience
  • Poor management of customer complaint and sentiment

What Subex Business Assurance offers:

Order Entry and Provisioning
It enables a complete end to end validation of order capturing and entry. It also improves visibility of all provisioning status from POS to allocation at billing along with error & resolution tracking
Cost, Impact & Performance
It enables cost and impact analysis tracking along with IT SLA compliance. Team efficiency tracking across all internal & external SLA along with repeat issues to identify problem areas
Change Mngt
Efficiency monitoring on service change management, tracking resolution timelines along with repeat issues to identify problem areas
Onboarding & Sentiment
Single point of view for tracking onboarding experience of customers, identification of problem areas. Customer sentiment analysis from received complaints, resolution SLAs & social media

Additional Coverage

The order management assurance has a key role to play under Business Assurance forum. The reconciliations performed under this assurance are taken from sources like Sale Forecast Report, Device Inventory, Voucher Inventory, Recharge History, Activation report, CRM Order Dump, Postpaid Subscription Dump, Prepaid Subscription Dump, HLR etc. The industry is experiencing the general shift in terms of technology disruption and next generation activities. This assurance also tackles few more challenges across overcharging, customer experience and opportunity loss with its AI/ML based automation and data driven analytics scope such as:

  • Risk prediction on received orders
  • Customer satisfaction score analysis
  • Diffusion behavior analysis on call network
  • Behavioral analysis of unhappy customers
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