5G & Network ROI

Are you worried about network usage and service quality?

Key challenges without Assurance

The 5G & Network assurance is important to mitigate the root cause areas of leakage such as inefficient monitoring of network usage, service quality disruptions, unbalanced maintenance for service and configuration etc. If not followed it leads to challenges like:

  • Lack of near real time continuous monitoring of network usage, capacity, service quality disruptions & opportunity loss
  • Inaccurate analysis customer adoption, required capacity
  • Lack of comprehensive analysis of new 5G product launches, cannibalization effect, impact to subscriber adoption, revenue & cost projections
  • Lack of holistic service onboarding assurance of end consumers, OTT providers, enterprises, MVNO, IoT devices and more
  • Minor usage and event assurance from source to billing
  • Absence of rating and service throttling monitoring
  • Complexity is management of partner contract & service billing
  • Comprehensive reporting on revenue & cost, service disruptions, QoS, customer satisfaction
  • No detailed insights on customer intelligence, product & service performance

What Subex Business Assurance offers:

Network & Capacity Planning
It includes capacity analysis across multiple dimension and Asset reusability analysis for investment reduction. It also enables geographic service adoption prioritization analysis. Continuous monitoring of capacity and invested asset usage for OpEx management
Service Launch
Automated control for service provisioning, usage generation, charging & billing. It involves retail customer service orchestration compliance and End 2 end B2B contract and service fulfilment
Usage & Event Rating
Near real time moving window usage reconciliation. 5G extended eco-system & connected services metering & billing. Partner ecosystems pay-in & pay-out validation
Service Management
Product performance, revenue & margin reporting. Customers complain, resolution & SLA compliance across multiple dimensions. Predictive analytics to provide proactive insights

Additional Coverage

The Network ROI and 5G assurance have a key role to play under Business Assurance forum. The reconciliations performed under this assurance are taken from sources like Product master, Usage, network trunk dump, network provisioning report, revenue etc. The industry is experiencing the general shift in terms of technology disruption and next generation activities. This assurance also tackles few more challenges across customer experience, and margin leakage etc with its AI/ML based automation and data driven analytics scope such as:

  • Early adopter behavioural analysis
  • Customer satisfaction score analysis
  • Customer complaints association analysis
  • Impact of internal cannibalisation
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