Fraud Alerts

News about digital frauds from across the world curated and circulated to our subscribers once in a quarter.
Fraud Alert
January to March 2020
Q4 - FY20

NCA, GRA, KelniGVG bust SIM Box fraudsters at Tema

October to December 2019
Q3 - FY20

Robocalls Hit Record Levels As Phone Carriers, Lawmakers and Start-ups Fight Back

July to September 2019
Q2 - FY20

Fraudster sentenced after funding luxury holidays through £50k smishing scam

April to June 2019
Q1 - FY20

‘Do not call them back!’: FCC warns of late-night scam calls

January to March 2019
Q4 - FY19

“Wangiri” phone scams targeting Luxembourg

October to December 2018
Q3 - FY19

Talk about a cold call: Antarctica latest Wangiri phone scam destination targeting UAE residents

July to September 2018
Q2 - FY19

World to Be Hit By Scam-call Epidemic as Phones Barraged with Fake ‘Robocalls’

April to June 2018
Q1 - FY19

FCC makes $120M robocall fine for Florida man official – CNET

January to March 2018
Q4 - FY18

More than 100 foreigners linked to telecom fraud nabbed in multiple raids

October to December 2017
Q3 - FY18

Illegal phone exchanges thriving on SIM boxes

July to September 2017
Q2 - FY18

Man with $191,000 phone bill wins three-year fight with telco

April to June 2017
Q1 - FY18

Helpful Apps Become the Fraudster’s Traps

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