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The Internet of Things has evolved in the last decade to become a game-changer for businesses. On the one end it is helping businesses to digitally transform into robust and agile enterprises, while on the other it is driving greater transparency, efficiency, safety and productivity.
Digital Trust is the ability of an organization to inspire confidence within their digital ecosystem about their intent and capability to deliver the promised services. Today, Digital Trust is viewed as the centerpiece for success—from enhancing brand image and adopting new technologies to bringing in investments, rolling out new offerings and expanding the partner ecosystem.
Our expertise
Subex has been helping businesses in this space for a while now. Our offerings for IoT cover critical needs in areas such as billing, partner management, revenue assurance and cybersecurity. Each of these solution areas is critical for the success of IoT projects and in ensuring a sustainable return on investments.
Enhance revenue streams
Reduce risks, improve asset availability
Improve billing accuracy
Custom solutions for IoT
Our expertise
Enhance revenue streams
Reduce risks, improve asset availability
Improve billing accuracy
Custom solutions for IoT
  • The foundational layer is Risk Management and is the non-negotiable layer required to prevent any undesirable outcomes for the business.
  • The next layer is the one that is necessary for the sustenance of a healthy business and , includes areas like security and identity.
  • The third layer is the strategic one that helps in creating competitive advantage and brand reputation. Privacy, real-time insights, predictability and credibility form a part of this layer.
  • These layers build upon each other and when actualized will provide the trust to produce a differentiated impact and advance the entire organization.
Enabling trust to deliver inspiring digital experiences
IoT Billing
Accurately bill your IoT customers based on service consumption and offers or other parameters such as offers and time-bound campaigns. Manage all such needs from one platform.
IoT Partner Management
Effort lessly manage complex IoT partnerships to drive revenue and growth. Strengthen partner relations and improve the efficiency and outcomes of joint efforts.
Monitor and manage revenue from IoT; get deep insights for forecast and more. Focus on expanding revenue streams and diversifying related operations.
IoT Security
Operate with the highest levels of security. Reduce and contain cyber risks and threats posed by hackers and malware. Real-time and purpose-built cybersecurity offerings powered by accurate threat intelligence and best-inclass malware and threat detection and remediation capabilities.
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