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Why margin assurance is critical for CSPs to remain competitive
Margin Assurance

How a robust margin assurance strategy can define product profitability across performance management and portfolio management.

5G: The Need for Next Gen Communication
Partner Ecosystem Management
How Telcos can monetize the opportunity created by the next gen communication
Recommending the next best offer to your customers
Analytics Center of Trust
Enhancing your customer experience with hyper-personalized offering through Next Best Offer.
The Decentralised Way of Digital Partnerships
Partner Ecosystem Management

Learn how blockchain can address some of the key challenges of telecom partnerships

Does Lack of Trust Thwart Your Analytics Goals?
Analytics Center of Trust

Learn why addressing the analytics trust gap can help your organization in becoming data driven

Why is Network License Management Crucial for Telecom Operators?
Network Analytics

An analysis of scenarios which lead to complexities in license management

Why Telcos Should Build a Proactive Assurance Strategy Around Direct Carrier Billing
Business Assurance

The need for managing DCB value chain risks

Safeguard Your Oss/bss Transformation With Migration Assurance
Business Assurance

The need for having a “third-party watchdog” to monitor the migration process

Contract Assurance for Content Billing
Partner Ecosystem Management

Learn how Telcos can ensure accurate billing, faster delivery of digital services and a smooth customer experience

Margin Assurance to Ensure Profitability for New-age Telcos
Business Assurance

Imperative to maintain a solid bottom-line

The Essential Revenue Assurance Checklist
Revenue Assurance

CSPs to identify the most suitable revenue assurance system

The Sampling Approach to Revenue Assurance
Revenue Assurance

An effective RA practice, a key driver to ensure sustained growth

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