Mobile Money & Digital

Assuring errors in payout and money laundering

Key challenges without Assurance

The mobile money and digital assurance is important to mitigate the root cause areas of leakage such as errors in pay out of commissions & fees, money laundering etc. If not followed it leads to challenges like:

  • Blindsided on risk of onboarding high risk customers
  • Poor visibility into transaction errors between P2P or P2B
  • Increased risk of partner disputes and error in pay out of commissions & fees
  • Ineffective approach to increase mobile money adoption
  • Low visibility on use of mobile money platform for use of money laundering and financial terrorism

What Subex Business Assurance offers:

Inline subscriber pre-check validation
This involves face recognition & validation as the security track. It includes biometric validation, Address & reference information validation
Credit Risk
It includes validation of the credit score. It is also bound with the categorization of the scores
Transaction verification & correlation
It includes the receipt correlation of data and source. This involves verification of taxes and commission
Analytical driven insights
This involves the algorithms related to machine learning to identify money laundering and financial terrorism

Additional Coverage

The Mobile money and Digital assurance have a key role to play under Business Assurance forum. The reconciliations performed under this assurance are taken from sources like ICT trunk dump, network trunk dump etc. The industry is experiencing the general shift in terms of technology disruption and next generation activities. This assurance also tackles few more challenges across financial terrorism, money laundering, etc with its AI/ML based automation and data driven analytics scope such as:

  • Identification of subscribers posing threat to national security
  • Enhancement of mobile money usage among low and mid-level users
  • High risk customer profiling
  • Mobile money laundering identification
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