Revenue reporting and Accounting

Increasing opportunities for identifying the leakages and optimizing the revenue reporting process

Key challenges without Assurance

The Revenue reporting assurance is important to mitigate the root cause areas of leakage such as incorrect treatment of revenue streams, incorrect revenue accounting, reporting errors etc. If not followed it leads to challenges like

  • Lack of understanding of Accounting guidelines received from governing bodies like GAAP / IFRS resulting in delays in accounting the revenue
  • Incorrect configuration of business logics and GLs across systems like Charging / Billing / Data Warehouse causing reporting errors
  • Absence of controls performed by secondary control owners results in poor visibility of the revenue numbers reported to Management
  • Irregular update or inaccurate maintenance of existing reports resulting in errors in revenue accounting across revenue streams
  • Incorrect booking of Invoices and inadequate process followed by operators for booking voucher sales
  • Inadequate tracking of voucher and SIM sales due to absence of voucher management process / system
  • Incorrect mapping of invoices to GL for postpaid revenue accounting

What Subex Business Assurance offers:

Comprehensive Assurance and Transparency to KPIs:
Use of KPI trends provides operators with transparency in operations and capabilities for fast and effective detection and correction of errors, thus protecting financial value
Standardization of Operations and Exchange of Best Practices
Enables the operator to improve revenue accounting and reporting standardization. Analyze and evaluate the accounting impact in books of accounts and business smoothly.
Automation & Integration
Improves efficiency, meets concerns unique to the operator’s environment, reduces the odds of human error and fraudulent manipulation, and provides a wide range of functionality and flexibility
Minimize the variance
Minimizing the variance in the unearned revenue computations. Identifying gaps in recharge sales transactions, commissions, Initial credits and adjustments provided to subscribers

Additional Coverage

The Revenue reporting assurance has a key role to play under Business Assurance function. This assurance helps to create transparency of operations and availability of additional KPIs at regulatory level, Create Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for computing and accounting the revenue across prepaid and postpaid, enabling operator in outlining the roadmap to resolve the issues identified etc. This assurance also tackles few more challenges with its AI/ML based automation and data driven analytics scope such as:

  • Benchmarking against the industry leading practices
  • Analysis on inconsistencies identified across current accounting process
  • End to end visibility of accounting analysis
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