Unlocking new growth paradigms with enterprise business
The telecommunications market has undergone tremendous changes in the last decade, some of which are changing the fundamental business dynamics itself. This is perhaps the first time when enterprise business revenues are going to be equal or more than B2C revenues for telcos. A lot of this shift can be attributed to the advent of 5G, the growth of IoT, and the digitalization of many industrial operations. Subex’s portfolio of Digital Trust enables telcos to profitably roll out and manage enterprise business offerings helping them embark on their B2B growth path.
Fueling enterprise business for telcos with new-age solutions

Plan and Assure

Enterprise connectivity demands ultra-reliable, high-speed, low-latency, power-efficient, high-density wireless connectivity, to support mission critical operations. Subex can help in intelligent network investment planning to cater to an accurate, efficient and optimized enterprise network planning process. Furthermore, once the infrastructure is in place, Subex an also help with the complete asset lifecycle management to ensure maximum return on investments and optimize costs.

  • Manage end-to-end Capacity Requirements
  • Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency towards Capacity Planning
  • Optimize Capex and maximize ROI


Security plays a major role in determining the degree success of a telco’s enterprise offerings. While newer developments like 5G enabling them to venture into untapped areas, they also expose them and their customers to unforeseen risks and threats. For hackers, these newer areas are potential playground to exploit and cause damages that are both monetary and reputational. Telcos therefore need to ensure that they adopt the highest measures of security across their portfolio to mitigate risks arising from new-age services.

  • Secure critical infrastructure
  • Leverage global threat intelligence
  • Protect revenues and brand image


By now it is evident that success in the digital ecosystem can only be driven through meaningful partnerships. Telcos understand that they cannot be the masters at everything and are increasingly looking towards complementing partners to jointly rollout new offerings. The ability of a telco to formulate these partnerships to enable a diverse range of offerings goes a long way in differentiating them from the traditional telcos. Subex enables a comprehensive enterprise partner management system to support partner risk scoring, onboarding, contract management, billing and settlements, and assurance.

  • Drive new economic models
  • Rollout innovative products and services faster
  • Gain competitive advantage differentiated offerings


With a host of multi-vertical offerings, Subex can enable telcos to add newer streams of revenues to their portfolio. Grouped into different areas like Security as a Service, Digital Identity Management, Analytics as a Service, and Enterprise Risk Management, these are offerings that telcos in-turn provide to their enterprise clients. With a variety of industries already being addressed through multiple use cases, these solutions can act as a catalyst for growth in different verticals.

  • Tap into newer verticals
  • Faster time to market with ‘Ready-to-resell’ offerings
  • Sustainable growth with minimal investment

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