As operators move deeper into next-generation services and content-driven service environments, revenue assurance becomes both more complex and more critical. Product portfolios are expanding, networks, services, operations and revenue chains are becoming increasingly complicated. Due to their growth, operators have to deal with large volumes of data, control points, KPIs involving time consuming and repetitive investigations. In today’s dynamic communications environment, a successful revenue assurance practice requires a highly mature revenue assurance solution – one that not only enables proactive and ongoing revenue recovery but simplifies RA by visually aiding telecom operators and guiding them to improve performance.

ROC Revenue Assurance

ROC Revenue Assurance is the telecom industry's first revenue assurance solution that simplifies RA. It tackles critical challenges across the entire revenue chain with ease and offers two path breaking concepts: RevenuePad and Zen. RevenuePad is the command center for Enterprise-wide RA that helps service providers to chart their RA roadmap, provides guidance on which assurance areas and metrics to cover, and offer Visual aides to isolate problem areas. Zen is the industry’s first Virtual RA Analyst, which directly gives root causes of leakages, improving analyst productivity by more than 75%.

ROC Revenue Assurance helps customers in addressing revenue assurance challenges inherent to individual service verticals: Wireless, Fixed, Cable MSPs, and MVNOs. It also helps them address revenue assurance across multiple functional areas such as service fulfillment, usage integrity, retail billing, interconnect/wholesale billing, and content settlement in addition to revenue management in marketing, campaign management, offer development and lead management. This in-turn enables customers to dramatically reduce the time required to implement or extend the coverage of their revenue management system and practices.

Business Benefits

  • Bird's eye view of the entire revenue chain
  • Increase productivity and ease knowledge management
  • Accelerate decision-making
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Launch profitable products and services


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