Digitalisation: Mirroring Opportunities with Reality: A Quick Recap of the Subex User Conference 2017

As most of you would probably know, we recently concluded the 14th edition of the User Conference, which took place on the 24th-25th of October 2017, in the beautiful city of Zagreb in Croatia. This year’s User Conference followed the theme ‘‘Digitalisation: Mirroring Opportunities with Reality” and was presided by Mr. Dean Smith, Founder & CEO, Assuring Business and Mr. Carl Lyon, Managing Director, Perpetual Experience Limited. The keynote speakers for this year’s User Conference were Rohit Talwar, Futurist and CEO – Future Research, Dana Adams, Director of Security Services at Telus, Andreas Manolis, Head of Strategy & Risk, Group Revenue Assurance at BT Group, and Professor Paul J. Morrissey C.Eng., F.I.E.E., Global Ambassador of TM Forum. Also speaking at the event was Debra Shindler, Senior Director Revenue Assurance, T-Mobile, Laura Iglesias Febrero, Head of Cyber Security, Telefonica, and User Conference veteran Eric Priezkalns, Steering Committee Member, RAG Forum & Editor, CommsRisk.

To take a step back, in my opinion this year’s run up to the User Conference was just as exciting as the event itself, particularly in the conceptualization of the theme, I.e., Digitalisation: Mirroring Opportunities with Reality. Over the last few years, the terms ‘Digitalisation’ and ‘Digital Transformation’ have been the spotlight topic of discussion among telecom operators and taking these buzzwords from the realm of hype to the shop floor has been priority for telecom executives. And Subex has been playing an important role in this mission. Therefore, we felt that bringing this aspect into our theme will be helpful to our customer, and to us as well.

Through this theme, we were able to move the discourse from merely talking about a trend to actually breaking these terms down to their practical, and operational aspects. Operators today understand that while digital transformation needs to be integrated within their businesses, the challenges that they will have to face need to be braced, and having this within our theme for the User Conference would provide all, including operators, futurists, media and analysts, with an excellent platform to exchange knowledge and discuss about making the hype a reality.

And we feel we were successful in doing so. Moreover, to enforce the importance and our viewpoint around this theme, we also held interesting sessions around Analytics, IoT Security, Managed Services, and Subex’s core products and solutions including fraud management, revenue assurance, network asset management and partner management.

Another important aspect of the User Conference is that we launched our consulting practice at this event completing the most important cog in our wheel to make it a complete technology organization with products and solutions stacks getting complemented with our consulting offering.

Moving back to the event, we also held the next iteration of the Operator Excellence Awards this year, and I would like to take a moment on this platform to highlight the illustrious winners of the various categories of the same.

Innovation Category

The Award was presented to the most innovative initiative that has created a disruption in the market in the given domain.

The operator best embodying these attributes was Reliance Jio, and Subex recognizes Reliance Jio’s industry innovation and disruption by conferring the Operator Excellence award in the “Innovation” category.

Trendsetter of the Year

This Award was given to the operator that has brought in the new approaches to solve industry problem which can be replicated by other operators.

The operator winning this award was “Optus” and Subex recognizes the new trend set by Optus for effective cost management strategy conferring the Operator Excellence award in the “Trendsetter” category.


Thought Leadership

The award was given to the operator that has been recognized to be driving industry thought leadership and its futuristic vision.

The operator which successfully highlighted these aspects in the year was “BT” and Subex recognizes the thought leadership showcased by BT in the industry, conferring the Operator Excellence award in the “Thought leadership” category.

Most Innovative Partner

The award was given to the partner that brings co-creation and innovation using Subex’s products.

The award for this category was provided to “Signa” and Subex recognizes their efforts of bringing in co-creation and innovation using an open platform over Subex’s products. This innovation and co-creation was indeed the first step towards an open platform which has made the Subex and Signa partnership much stronger.

One important thing which I would like to mention here is that Mr. Sandeep Kumar, India’s ambassador to Croatia graced the cocktail reception that we hosted on the eve of the Subex User Conference. This was a great gesture from Sandeep demonstrating the importance of government and industry working in cohesion for business to flourish.

Have a look at the mash up video of Subex UC 2017 and I am sure you would enjoy that.

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