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As a digital service provider,you need to reduce risks from current and emerging fraudulent practices,while introducing new services.ROC™ Fraud Management provides comprehensive fraud coverage for more than 350 types of fraud. Our solution safeguards networks from traditional types of fraud such as subscription fraud, bypass/SIMboxfraud, toll fraud, PBXhacking, and international revenue share fraud (IRSF).It also provides coverage for next-generation fraud such as over-the-top (OTT)bypass, handsetfraud, online sales, and advertisement fraud.

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Multipletypes of fraud, onesolution

ROC™ Fraud Management combines atraditional rules engine, advanced machine learning capabilities, and a scalable architecture. Our solution helps proactive detection of fraudulent activities on the network. Readily deployable interfaces ensure that the system can be easily integrated with your ecosystem.

Subex has more than two decades of experience,and more than 150 global installations of ROC™ Fraud Management that prevents fraud for diverse services spanning voice, data, online sales, mobile wallets, Internet of Things, value-added services, PSTN, ISP, and VoIP.

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