T-Mobile’s excellence in Revenue Assurance with Subex’s Managed Services

T-Mobile USA, Inc. is rewriting the rules of the wireless carrier game with the “Un-Carrier” strategy. As a result they are currently the fastest growing wireless company in the USA and are now supporting 50.5 million customers. Michael Rimkus, T-Mobile USA’s Vice President, Internal Audit & Risk Management, will be presenting how his skilled Revenue Assurance Team has been supporting T-Mobile’s explosive growth and the benefits they have realized by taking advantage of Subex’s Managed Services to support his team’s increased mandate and growth.

Challenged by manual based methods, about 9 years ago, T-Mobile selected and deployed Subex’s ROC-RA solution. This powerful tool immediately delivered results to the Revenue Assurance team; and, with the several audits and controls initially created, T-Mobile’s core revenue stream was secured. However, with the dynamic nature of the wireless business, change was constant. The RA team matured and took on many more revenue based investigations and grew into discovery on cost leakage. As the company’s revenue and cost assurance requirements increased, the team responded to meet the needs from a discovery perspective. Passed up was the operational side, which didn’t have the right resources to advance the tools at the same rate as the dynamic nature of the RA team and company. Nearly 2 years ago, T-Mobile introduced Subex Managed Services (MS) and the advancements are impressive.

By adding Subex’s Managed Services to the Revenue Assurance Team, T-Mobile now has the expertise to match the speed of change and advancements in the world of revenue and cost assurance. The Subex tool is powerful, and with a staff that can automate, optimize, creatively configure, monitor and analyze multiple streams of information and data, the combined RA team brings increased value to the company. Michael will discuss: the evolution of the tool; the RA team; and the introduction of MS into the environment, which is taking T-Mobile to the highest levels of revenue assurance excellence.

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