What are the 5 ways that Business Intelligence Helps Telecommunications Providers?

Business Intelligence helps any organization transform the raw data into meaningful insights which can be leveraged by the organization to make business decisions such as CAPEX/OPEX investments, which products to launch, insights on customer behavior and much more. The importance of Business Intelligence in telecommunication has grown more than ever with the continuous growth in data as telcos ventured into new domains or launch new services. Here are the 4 ways that business intelligence can telecommunication drive more value-

Customer & Campaign Intelligence: As telecom operators serves millions of customers, gaining individual customer level insights is very critical to provide personalized services that customers demand these days. Business Intelligence can provide that intelligence to operators by converting the raw data into consumable information. As a result, telcos can do targeted marketing campaigns, refine their pricing strategy and develop or launch products based on empirical consumer understanding.

Proactive Customer Service: A good customer service can have a significant impact on reducing your customer churn. Customer issues and complaints are always going to be a challenge for telecom operators.  A Business Intelligence solution can provide process improvements to provide support and service. Customer care representatives can up their service for the most common customer complaints, finding stats on the complaints that customers waited on the phone longest about or even identifying support questions by email that took them the longest to respond.

Network Intelligence– Telco customers are consuming more data than ever. They are streaming videos, playing online games, communication with colleagues or family/friends through video calls. This can cause network congestions, service interruptions resulting in loss of customer and revenue. Also, as 5G and IoT become mainstream, the high bandwidth and low latency requirements will require telcos to have clear visibility of their network performance tracking the activities happening at cell site level.

Revenue Intelligence

A Business Intelligence solution can help you gather information around revenue composition across different dimensions such as cell-sites, products/services, devices, geographies, customer segments and more. As a service provider, it is important for you to know the most profitable avenues that is driving the business growth.

Product Performance

A Business Intelligence solution can help capture information related to product usage, performance, revenue and margins. Based on the intelligence, operators can bundle their products and services for maximum ROI. The organization can decide to discontinue unprofitable products and launch profitable products.

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