Analytics has the potential to impact all aspects of Telco business. Whether it’s about reducing churn, increasing ARPUs, identifying the right target audience for campaigns, or bundling the products, you are bound to leverage the power of data to drive decision making.

But are Telcos successful in deriving valuable insights from data? Are they able to meet their organizational goals with effective use of data? Unfortunately, the answer is No! Industry reports reveal that a “trust gap” that exists within the organization is preventing them from using data for decision making. This gap leads to negative business impact, increased operational overheads and revenue shortfall.

Is there a way for organizations to bridge this gap? The answer is here.

Limited trust or active distrust in analytics

Report lack of support from C-level executives in analytics strategy

Companies are connecting analytics to action

Decision-makers have high trust in analytics


Subex has been the forerunner in telecom analytics spectrum, so we are equipped with the right mix of tools and people to address the challenges around data.

Through our cumulative 25+ years of experience, Subex has built an Analytics Center of Trust (ACT) that empowers organizations to address the analytics trust gap through effective and intelligent use of data. The ACT framework builds on three major components: Analytics Strategy, Trusted BI and ROC Insights.



The first step to building an ACT is to assess your Analytics maturity through a combination of tests and use case analysis across different parameters such as People, Process and Technology. Based on the outcome, we will prepare a Maturity Vision and Analytics Roadmap highlighting the important measures that need to be implemented across the data.

Trusted BI

Intelligence forms the foundation of ACT and we empower you with an Information Infrastructure to create an agile data model with real-time data ingestion capabilities. The ETL system with self-service capabilities addresses the data integration challenges faced by Telcos. With its in-built capabilities to assess the quality of the data, the system can also process multiple data formats and streamline the flow across different departments and functions.

ROC Insights

ROC Insights converts information into meaningful and contextual business insights. The service provides a complete overview of the analytics-driven insights across different domains like Product, Revenue, Risk and Customer. The easily comprehensible storyboards deliver customized insights that can be consumed at each level. With accurate and domain-guided analytics, ROC Insights helps enhance the reporting capabilities, leading to faster decision making and dispute resolution.




Years of experience in driving data-driven business transformation for global Telcos



Global Telcos data is processed by Subex Tools


112 Billion

Records processed on a daily basis from 8500 source systems



Successful Installations undertaken by seasoned telecom specialists



Telecom Partners across the globe


The domain knowledge and industry exposure we gained over the past 25+ years has helped us understand the requirements of Telcos operating in specific regions or market conditions. Our subject matter experts are also well equipped with the latest tools which help them implement the right analytics strategy that perfectly suits your requirements.

Analytics Maturity Assessment

Subex has developed an Analytics Maturity chart which makes it easier for us to understand the current status and future possibilities for our clients. Through the Subex Analytics Maturity Model we access your organisations current Analytics Maturity to determine the level of interaction which needs to be performed.

By identifying the loopholes at granular level, we will be able to develop a flexible analytics model with strong foundation that can grow to contain future challenges as well.

Analytics Roadmap and Advisory Services

An Analytics Roadmap is the blueprint where we plot the action plans that need to be adopted across the three key pillars of your business: People, Process and Technology. Our subject matter experts coordinate with your team to perform the gap analysis by correlating the current maturity level with the outcome. The process involves three steps:

  • Understanding the technology stack
  • Validating the data readiness
  • Understanding the organization structure

The findings are collated, which is then used to formulate a Trust Assurance strategy built on an intelligent infrastructure with an underlying focus on business outcomes. Our experts also provide the strategic advisory and consultation throughout their engagement with your organization. The services are then extended to post implementation period as well.


Subex Trusted Business Intelligence paves way to build a flexible, agile and self-service analytics engine that can translate all your data into meaningful insights in real-time. With the Subex BI engine, the cost and complexity associated with infrastructure built-up is minimized, while the quality and integrity of data is guaranteed.

The following are the components of Subex Information Infrastructure

ETL Layer with In-Built Data Quality Features

The ETL Layer performs the data ingestion and processing ensuring accuracy and timeliness of the data.  Through a series of checks and validation, data integrity is assured. Trend analysis, an important feature of the ETL system, provides you with the insights on the shift in trends – be it related to customer behavior, fraud patterns, campaign outcomes or others.

Self-Service BI with Canned Reports

With ACT, you can assign the data to each team without worrying about the complexity of managing it at multiple levels – Operational, Managerial, Sales or Marketing. Thanks to the self-service capabilities of the BI engine, the data accessed each level can be processed independently for performing custom audits and ad hoc reporting.

Visual Analytics using Dynamic Intuitive Cube Engine (DICE)

DICE is a powerful online analytical processing tool, which gives you an interactive yet simple interface for designing and deploying reports. The dynamic storyboards deliver consumable, actionable and contextual insights in a visually engaging format. Extracting the relevant data and consolidating the results will become easier. With DICE, you can also uncover hidden trends and implement proactive measures for future.

Advanced Workflows with Custom Reporting

The flexible, state-of-the art platform lets you streamline the information flow across different verticals in a democratized manner. You can also build wizard-based interfaces on your own to create and manage custom workflow without touching the code. This self-service facility makes it easier to integrate the results with other entities.

Case Management Utility

The case management function provides a workflow environment that guides the Users through the stages they need to perform to investigate, diagnose and resolve identified issues. It provides a focal point for each case for accumulating information and knowledge to support this process.

Some of the advanced features of case management are:

  • Auto Cure and Auto Update
  • Case Grouping and Bulk Edit
  • Transition of Cases to External Systems
  • Case Lock
  • Case Spinners
  • Improved Case Search
  • Case Template

Security features

Given the current developments around data security, Subex has implemented several enhancements for its product portfolio. With ACT, you can gain complete control over your data and comply with GDPR or similar requirements. We provide advanced security features like Single Sign-on, Row-Level/Multi-Tenant Security, Application activity Auditing, Multiple Authentication, and more.

Business Intelligence


ROC Insight

A services-led advanced analytics engagement, ROC Insights has been at the forefront of our Analytics portfolio helping scores of telecom companies drive their transformation successfully. The OPEX-based pay-as-you-go model gives you exceptional flexibility and control in all deployment efforts.

Important features of ROC Insights are the following:

Advanced Analytics around Key Areas

ROC Insights provides you with business insights around the four main focus areas: Revenue, Customer, Risk and Product. Be it partner management, contract analysis, customer experience management, churn analysis, bad dept or bill shock analysis, ROC Insights addresses all of them in a proactive manner.

In nutshell, Subex’s analytics strategy lets you build an intelligent data infrastructure that focuses on OPEX optimization, increases customer engagement and addresses revenue leakage.

Easy-to-Use Storyboards

Subex understands the difficulty you face in understanding the current dashboards with complex graphs and figures. ROC Insights solves this by complementing the dashboards with supporting Storyboards which adds a natural language element that helps you easily understand and consume business insights.

The platform combines the best of machine learning and organizational knowledge, enabling you to achieve competitive differentiation and faster decision making.


trifecta of ACT

We understand analytics is not the end goal; business outcomes are. We have designed the ACT strategy considering your business goals in mind. It focuses on the following three verticals.

Agility to Gain Insights

To strive in today’s dynamic market landscape marked by stiff competition and shrinking technology lifecycle, you need to be agile and quick at responding to the latest trends. Subex now empowers you with an intelligent infrastructure that helps you understand the trends, take important decisions quickly and address the gamut of problems before they impact your business.

Analytics to Business

We understand that the ultimate goal of your technology investment is to improve the bottom line. A step further, we also let you build a future-proof infrastructure that saves significant CAPEX and costly technology upgrades in future. In short, you can unlock the full potential of the investment now and in future while also making significant improvement in business value.

Consumable Outcomes

Subex’s ACT combines the best of both worlds – human intelligence and machine learning; hence it addresses the concerns logically and accurately. The result: you get a fully automated intelligent architecture that can deliver consumable outcomes across all audience levels in a democratized fashion.

The APIs are easily adaptable across all levels of workforce, and to further simplify the process, you get the reports in an easily conceivable storyboard formats.

As you move up the ladder to emerge as a data-driven organization, you will realize that information is a strategic asset to generate revenue, operate efficiently and provide best-in-class customer service. With ACT playing the pivotal role, you are sure to achieve the competitive differentiation.


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