The Case for Monetizing the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things. While the discussions around IoT are interesting, in reality what are these “things”? More importantly, why should operators care? On the surface the answer is simple: The IoT world is all about Monitoring, and Machine to Machine explosive use of networks. It’s all about how to plan for the capacity – where to invest, when, and how much is needed to meet the IoT demand? This is the realm where Subex Asset Assurance and Network Analytics platforms help operators plan, procure, and place assets to quickly and effectively meet that challenge.

The Internet of Things, however, goes much deeper than a network optimization discussion. The IoT is ultimately about data. Data about our lives, our spending, our health, the “things” that support us (power, roads, air quality, resource availability, etc.). The value in the IoT is in the collecting and monetizing of that data.

Imagine the scope of that data, by walking through a day in a life where IoT is engaged. Waking up is now more about an alarm clock. It’s now about a smart home knowing what day of the week it is, and therefore what time you’ll be wanting to wake. It’s about the home knowing what temperature the water heater needs to maintain to support the amount of water you typically need to shower; it’s about knowing which rooms in your home you’ll be using today, and controlling the environment in those rooms at the right time. It’s about anticipating your food consumption…and warning you when those supplies are low. An even smarter home will seek marketing promotions from local grocers, to give you best options for pricing to replace those depleting supplies.

In this whitepaper we’ll explore the value of IoT data in more depth, as we continue through a day in an IoT engaged life. This data has the ability to steer spend habits, and thus help retailers secure share of wallet. Analytics and Data Sciences are a crucial component in the successful harvesting of IoT data, and any latency in understanding the data will absolutely make the difference in determining who wins the wallet-share competition.

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