It’s in the DNA

Last year the 100th anniversary of a profound scientific achievement which shaped the modern world went by completely unnoticed by the general public. It was 100 years ago that the physicists William and Lawrence Bragg shot x-rays through various crystallized substances and were able to decipher the resulting diffraction patterns to reveal their hidden atomic structure. For that discovery they won the Nobel Prize and the science of X-Ray crystallography was born, a technique which now underpins almost all modern science, from medicine through to astronomy. Crystallography has been used to reveal the chemical composition of penicillin, insulin, Vitamin B12 and, more recently, the Mars rover Curiosity is utilizing the CheMin instrument for detecting the chemical composition of the Martian soil. Perhaps one of crystallography’s greatest triumphs started with Photo 51, the nickname given to the image Rosalind Franklin took of the DNA molecule back in 1952, and which was subsequently used by Watson and Crick to unravel the double helix structure of DNA. DNA is often described as the blueprint of life, since it contains all the instructions by which living creatures are built.

The discoveries of pioneers like Bragg, Franklin, Watson and Crick are inspiration for those who are fascinated by finding the data patterns that reveal what’s hidden beneath. Like the X-rays of crystallography the Subex ROC RA product can see through the B/OSS by automatically analysing inputs and outputs to reveal, report and even auto-correct the hidden misalignments and other issues within. Issues which can lose a company millions overnight.

Now ROC RA has also taken Revenue Assurance a quantum leap forward by introducing DNA. DNA provides the building blocks to automatically audit data streams from throughout an organisation and reduces the configuration effort drastically. The predefined blocks of DNA code can be used to rapidly build up the system topology and reconcile the data and interfaces thorough simple point and click selection of modules. Any adjustments or enhancements to the audit processes can be quickly made through a highly intuitive graphical interface. DNA templates cover Prepaid, Post Paid, Interconnect, Roaming, Content and many others traffic types from almost 100% of known switches, mediation and billing systems.

Coupled with DNA are powerful new visualization and analytics capabilities that let you forecast how KPI will change over time, correlate KPI, apply what if modelling and alert you long before issues get critical. ROC RA lets you incorporate those KPI and alerts into a built-in model of your business so that the right information is channeled to the right person at the right time. You decide what level of detail you want and how and where you want to see it, be it by email, mobile dashboard, SMS or desktop dashboard.

DNA now makes ROC RA even easier to use than ever and will make the picture of what’s really happening in your business crystal clear.

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