How cybersecurity challenges and trends will mark 2021?

As 2021 emerges on the horizon, here are the top trends that our threat researchers feel will define the New Year.

Ransomware propagation: the first quarter of 2021 will provide some respite to cybersecurity teams battling ransomware. Already we are seeing signs of a slowdown as malware developers are investing more time in developing new ransomware. This respite is however temporary as new and stronger ransomware and variants will start emerging from April.

Attack fatigue: nation state actors have shown signs of fatigue setting in. After ruthlessly targeting vulnerable sectors such as healthcare and manufacturing during the pandemic, many hackers have retreated to the comfort of their basements. This trend is expected to continue till the end of Jan 2021.

Manufacturing, retail and healthcare on the radar: attacks on these sectors will intensify.

Media and entertainment (M&E) industry will be most impacted sector in 2021. This is based on the trends we are currently seeing especially the activity in the malware forums we are tracking.

Deep fake videos will be weaponized with greater intensity as part of multi-stage phishing campaigns

Botnet farms to increase: as 5G rollout gathers pace, more IoT devices will be added some of which will not have the bare minimal levels of security in place.

Industrial control systems to bear the brunt of sophisticated attacks. Industrial espionage at a large scale will hit energy, power, oil, gas and manufacturing companies

Data stored on public cloud will be the target of cloud jacking in a more organized manner

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