Digital Billing

Digital billing powered by Subex

As a digital service provider operating in an ecosystem of new and emerging services, your enterprise needs a holistic approach that caters to the broad spectrum of digital services. Subex provides a consolidated digital platform to address the unique billing dynamics of data, content, Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and utility services.


Digital services supported by bespoke billing models

The Subex Digital Billing solution is a domain-agnostic platform that allows bill settlement of a digital event irrespective of the source. It incorporates modeling capabilities that facilitate creation of new revenue streams through configurations, thereby accelerating bill generation and settlement with partners.

Our solution empowers service providers to address the complexity of digital and content services by reinforcing system capabilities for accurate data and revenue management. It is scalable and user-friendly for all service providers — fixed or mobile, national or international, incumbent or new entrant.

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Digital services backed by rating framework

The Subex Digital Billing solution provides a rating framework to configure models for each revenue stream based on specific business requirements:
– Flat rating: Flat rates for digital events
– Fixed charge: Fixed product pricing for all digital events
– One-time and recurring charge
– Device-based: Pricing based on the quantum of devices connected
– Slab- and tier-based: Rating based on different slabs and tier definition
– Pay-as-you-go: Pricing based on usage and reducing balance of prepaid services
– Cross domain products: IoT / M2M bundled with content or interactive services


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