7 Reasons to Attend the ‘IoT and M2M Settlement in a B2B2X Scenario’ Webinar

The development of machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology is changing how organisations run and complete transactions. New difficulties in concluding these transactions do, however, arise as a result of this transition. Due to this, organisations should attend the IoT and M2M Settlement in a B2B2X Scenario webinar on February 22, 2023, now more than ever.

this blog article, we’ll look at the reasons why companies need to handle these settlement issues if they want to keep up with the quickly evolving IoT and M2M technology ecosystem.

  • New Challenges in Settlement Techniques: The Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M technologies are significantly changing how organisations settle transactions, but this influence is not without difficulties. In order to ensure seamless and effective transactions, these new technologies are posing enterprises with new and difficult settlement challenges. Learn about these difficulties in this webinar, along with strategies for dealing with them.
  • Streamline and Enhance Settlements: According to a research by ABI Research, the use of IoT and M2M technology may help firms cut operating expenses by up to 40%. Businesses must deal with the difficulties in the settlement processes in order to gain these savings, though. By utilising IoT and M2M technologies, you will discover how to simplify and enhance settlements in this webinar.
  • Keep Ahead of the Curve: According to a poll conducted by Business Insider Intelligence, 60% of organisations either now use or want to use IoT technology in the next five years. Businesses must deal with the difficulties in settling IoT and M2M transactions if they want to stay ahead of the market. You will get knowledge of the main factors influencing the growth of IoT/M2M solutions as well as how to navigate the market in this webinar.
  • Real-World Use Cases: Hearing about the potential advantages of IoT and M2M technologies is one thing; seeing them in action is quite another. In this webinar, you’ll examine actual use cases and see how businesses are resolving settlement issues and streamlining their processes.
  • Significant Market Growth Potential: According to a MarketsandMarkets analysis, the IoT in the B2B market is predicted to increase from USD 99.2 billion in 2018 to USD 194.4 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 14.5% over the forecast period. This enormous market expansion underlines how crucial it is to handle settlement issues if you want to keep up with the fast-evolving IoT and M2M technology ecosystem.
  • Better Business Results: According to Gartner research, companies that have integrated IoT solutions have witnessed a 15% boost in their business results. Businesses must handle the IoT and M2M settlement difficulties if they want to attain these better results. You’ll discover how to address these issues and enhance your company outcomes in this webinar.
  • Expert Speakers: Paulo Zanotto, Director of Business Consulting at Subex, and Subrat Saurabh, Head of Partner Ecosystem Management at Subex, will serve as the webinar’s expert presenters. These seasoned experts will share a wealth of information and views on IoT and M2M technology as well as the difficulties in concluding agreements.

Finally, in order to stay ahead in the fast-changing market, organisations must handle the settlement difficulties in IoT and M2M technologies. Attending the IoT and M2M Settlement in a B2B2X Scenario webinar on February 22nd, 2023, is a wonderful way to learn about the problems and solutions in settling IoT and M2M transactions, examine real-world use cases, and network with other experts in the area. We look forward to seeing you there!

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