5 Reasons you should attend the Telco Analytics Summit

“Improving analytics capabilities is one of the top priorities for operators to boost their organizational capability, to stop losing money, get a cutting edge over the competition, and develop a strong customer value proposition.”

Telecom is going through unprecedented times with uncertainty around everything. The product/service mix is becoming more complex, evolving consumer behavior, rising business complexities, changing technologies, and much more. One thing which has continuously seen growth amidst all this is data. There has been multifold growth in the data generated by telecom operators.

Subex is hosting its first virtual telco analytics summit on 17th November, and there is more than one reason for you to attend the two-day virtual event.

Insights on the latest trends

The event will cover topics across a variety of areas and functions within the telecom ecosystem. How analytics shapes the organization’s digital transformation journey to managing different aspects of the business and technology functions. Get exposure to the real-life challenges organizations face as they transition into digital businesses and how analytics helps them overcome those challenges.


The event will host speakers from the leading telecom organizations worldwide, sharing their decades of experience with you. Meet both the user of Analytics tools and the consumers of Insights and learn how they are driving the transformation towards a data-driven culture. There is a mix of CXOs, Head of Departments, Analytics leaders, and practitioners to share their day in and day out with Analytics. Please find out our speakers now:

    – Chief Commercial Officer, Econet
    – Vice President – Bill and Pay (U2C) delivery, Jio
    – Chief Information Officer, Vietnamobile
    – General Manager, Digital Services & Analytics, Econet
    – Senior Director Digital Transformation, Ooredoo Tunisia

Real-Life Experiences

Analytics helps organizations navigate through times of uncertainty by utilizing the vast amount of available data to increase revenue and profits across the value chain, spanning network operations, product development, marketing, sales, and customer service?

How a CIO helps the organization establish a data-driven culture or a Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) speaks how he uses Analytics to transform the way the revenue center works at his organization. The need for telcos to establish a trusted data source to drive business objectives. These are some of the topics you will see at the summit.

Alternative Learning

The event will host the real-life practitioners who use Analytics and consume the Analytics output day in & day out to optimize, improve their work, and make informed business decisions. It will allow you to leave with new knowledge or a unique skill set. This is an opportunity for you to get inspired by the experience of these speakers.

Format that suits you

It’s a 2.5 hours event packed with insightful and engaging presentations from some of the best domain experts. There is a mix of keynote sessions, fireside chat, and panel discussions followed by Subex Data Science experts’ showcase session. Plus, you can attend it for free from the comfort of your home.

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