Tier-1 APAC Operator Embraces AI-based Fraud Management and Business Assurance Solutions Through Partnership with Subex

[6th March, Bangalore] – Subex, a telecom AI company known for enabling connected experiences, announces that it has won a deal with a leading telecom operator in Southeast Asia. This deal involves the deployment of Subex’s state-of-the-art Business Assurance and Fraud Management solutions on HyperSense. This significant development continues the over two-decade-long alliance between Subex and the operator, building on the successful implementation of ROC Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management systems.

The operator aims to be a future-fit, leading telecom tech company at the forefront of digitalization in the region, and the partnership with Subex will help move them closer to that vision. They aim to leverage partnerships with cutting-edge technology vendors to deliver high-quality connectivity and enterprise solutions in the era of 5G, AI, and IoT.

This initiative is set to revolutionize the operator’s approach to Business Assurance and Fraud Management. By leveraging the advanced features of Subex’s AI-based solutions, the operator aims to significantly enhance its assurance capabilities, cater to a wider spectrum of risks, and enhance operational maturity. This forward-thinking move is designed to proactively address both current and future risks, especially those emerging in the dynamic and technologically advanced landscape of the 5G era, allowing the operator to innovate rapidly and stimulate growth in region’s digital ecosystem.

The deployment facilitates the application of AI and ML technologies for early risk identification, automates complex fraud detection processes, and enables the customization of ML models to adapt to emerging challenges. It also promises to offer unparalleled scalability and flexibility in handling vast data volumes, significantly lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Additionally, it will enhance operational efficiency by reducing data duplication, effort, and maintenance needs. The unified platform will not only streamline internal communications but also offer Do-It-Yourself capabilities for bespoke solution tailoring. Furthermore, this deployment will expand the operator’s business coverage, encompassing new business lines and enabling the company to address additional assurance areas effectively.

Furthermore, this collaboration is a strategic step towards aligning business and IT objectives, ensuring future resilience. The deployment will introduce an array of functionalities for proactive detection and prevention, positioning the operator to transform into a world-class, trusted provider of digital lifestyle solutions and services, and spearheading innovation in the digital telecom sphere.

Nisha Dutt, CEO of Subex, said, “Subex is excited to work with one of the leading operators in APAC on this transformative journey. Our AI-driven Fraud Management and Business Assurance solutions will revolutionize the operator’s approach to Risk Management. This collaboration is about future resilience and growth, accelerating innovation in the 5G era. We are proud to contribute to the operator’s vision, ensuring they remain a trusted provider of digital solutions to their consumers while creating meaningful connected experiences. This enduring alliance takes a strategic step towards aligning business and IT objectives, enhancing operational efficiency, and positioning the operator as a world-class player in the digital telecom sphere.”

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