Creating Connected Experiences

The Future is Unreal

The telecommunications landscape is undergoing a profound metamorphosis, ushering in an era of unprecedented digital transformation and connectivity.

of all outbound messages will be synthetically generated by 2025
of all data produced will be from generative AI by 2025
is the increase in the online share of working hours due to AI-generated productivity
of the global population will have digital wallets by 2030

The world is poised to become increasingly connected, virtual, and digital, and it is within this transformational landscape that telcos can forge a path to create unparalleled value.

A Glimpse into Tomorrow: The Future Customer and Telco Evolution

In the future, our customers will be augmented by AI agents, self-generating content in virtual worlds. Phones will be replaced by robotic agents, and communication will shift from personalization to self-generation. The move from graphical to conversational user interfaces will transform interactions into digital beings conversing in augmented reality. In this metaverse, AI agents will connect, making traditional call detail records obsolete. Connectivity will remain the bedrock of diverse experiences, and we are committed to providing seamless solutions for this revolutionary landscape. We aim to embrace the transformative potential of the future customer, where the lines between reality and virtuality blur, and lead the way in shaping a connected metaverse. Together, we can unlock the boundless opportunities that await in this new world.

Empowering Transformation for AI-Augmented Customers

As visionary leaders, we must ensure that our capabilities align with the future customer. Flexibility, on-demand adaptability, and a focus on learning systems are paramount. Automated but static workflows of today will soon give way to agents autonomously discovering and conducting workflows. Static networks will become shape-shifting realities, driven by the strides of 6G and beyond.

The advent of generative AI, such as ChatGPT, marks a pivotal moment. Our future lies in orchestrating large language models (LLMs) to seamlessly manage user interfaces, workflows, and interconnected components. It’s no longer just about software; it’s about cultivating LLMs that can lead us to innovation.

One such innovation will be in the realm of support. Once confined to call centers, leveraging the LLM, support will evolve into agile co-pilots. These co-pilots will provide real-time assistance using an internal knowledge base and trusted domains to efficiently handle customer issues. The convergence of AI, Cloud, and network as a service (NaaS) concepts will drive unmatched customer experiences.

Co-authoring Connected Experiences

At Subex, we have curated a comprehensive array of offerings to pave the way for connected experiences. Our mission is to empower telcos with personalized, seamless, secure, and intelligent solutions, as we co-author the future together.

ID Cloud

Make it Personal

Through our AI Customer Experience (CX) Studio and Digital Onboarding solutions, we aim to ensure a smooth and personalized journey for every individual.

Consistently Connected

Consistently Connected

For every connected experience, we are committed to guaranteeing unwavering connectivity. Our Network Analytics and Asset Management solutions will work in harmony to ensure uninterrupted access and optimized performance.

Intelligence @ your Service

Intelligence @ your Service

Intelligence is at the heart of our offerings. With our Business Assurance product line and AI Use Case Studio, we empower the enterprise with data-driven insights and a plethora of use cases to choose from, elevating enterprise operational experiences to new heights.

Smart Connections for Smart Businesses

Smart Connections for Smart Businesses

It’s not just about retail; we envision smart connections for smart businesses. Our Enterprise Billing and Partner Ecosystem Management solutions will be the enterprise’s steadfast allies as we together co-author this transformative journey.

Connect with Confidence

Connect with Confidence

At Subex, confidence is key to every connection. Our dedicated teams will manage fraud, implement robust cybersecurity measures, and ensure seamless digital identity management to safeguard connected experiences.

Cashless Convenience

Cashless Convenience

As commerce increasingly becomes cashless, our AI Fintech Studio will play a pivotal role in monitoring transactions, preventing fraud, and unlocking a multitude of secure and convenient cashless use cases.

Future Delivered, Today

The rapid adoption of our next-gen stack is becoming evident as more than 200 global customers and over 300 installations spanning nearly 100 countries embrace its transformative potential. Our platform is already co-authoring the future with numerous players in the telco industry. This widespread acceptance and successful implementation validate its ability to revolutionize telco operations, ushering in an era of enhanced efficiency, superior customer experiences, and unparalleled revenue growth. As we continue to expand our network of partners, we are confident that this platform will remain at the forefront of reshaping the telco landscape, driving innovation, and propelling the industry towards unprecedented heights.

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