Subex’s intelligent root cause analysis engine ‘Zen’ increases Operator Productivity by over 75%

LONDON, UK Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of Business Support Systems (B/OSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), has announced that its intelligent root cause analysis engine Zen has helped operators increase their productivity by over 75%. Zen, the industry’s first virtual analyst for Revenue Assurance, is one of the two capabilities of Subex’s ROC® Revenue Assurance 5 solution, along with RevenuePad.

In today’s data heavy and competitive environment, CSPs are trying harder than ever to prevent revenue leakages while minimizing costs. The most optimal way to achieve this is to address the underlying root causes for leakages in a systematic manner. However, finding root causes or even the problem areas in telecom revenue assurance is like finding a needle in a haystack. CSPs face the obstacle of sorting through heaps of data to find the root cause of problems, due to the complexity of the task and the amount of time it takes.

Zen is the industry’s first solution that sifts through millions of records and narrows-in on the problem area in a matter of minutes. It is a powerful magnet that pulls out the needle from the haystack. This dramatically reduces the time to find root causes, typically from 30 hours to 30 minutes, and ideally provides a substantial boost to analyst productivity by an order of magnitude of 10-20, thereby helping CSPs recover revenues much faster. Zen also builds a repository of discrepancies and associated root causes to enable knowledge sharing.

Commenting on the Zen, Vinod Kumar, Group President, Subex Ltd said, “We are pleased by the performance of the Zen, and the value it has added to our Revenue Assurance 5 solution. Based on our experience of its implementations, Zen has helped our customers see an improvement of over 75% in terms of time saving. We are confident that this will help us further cement our leadership position in the Revenue Assurance space.”

Besides increasing Analyst productivity and enabling faster revenue recovery, Zen further helps Subex’s customers by easing knowledge management.

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