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As a digital service provider, your adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) services presents opportunities as well as challenges. The upside: IoT opens new revenue streams by providing always-connected services to digital subscribers. The downside: IoT exposes subscribers to identity theft and security breaches. Subex provides holistic cyber security to ensure that enterprises are safe from unauthorized access and intrusion across their network.

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Subex Secure offers comprehensive IoT security coverage from real-time discovery and monitoring to response and recovery. Our solution leverages a one-of-its-kind honeypot network that combines physical devices and device emulations to generate IoT / ICS signatures. Our system evaluates global identity and device breaches and updates the Subex Secure signature repository to safeguard your enterprise from new and emerging IoT threats.

Real-time, scalable and proactive IoT security

Subex Secure ensures 24x7x365 days IoT security coverage through our IoT Security Operations Centers (iSOC) in London, Bangalore and Denver. Our solution deploys three tiers of security protection to detect and nullify IoT threats:


At the outer level, the solution analyzes packet-level payload information on-premise to detect threats and vulnerabilities such as malware, viruses and packets from blacklisted IPs.

In this security layer, the system monitors multiple packets for attack patterns at a metadata level. It covers port scans, brute force password cracking attempts and telnet attacks.

This detection mechanism uses machine learning to profile devices and develop a database of device fingerprinting. Our system uses Gaussian and Bayesian techniques for machine learning to report deviations from conventional device activity.

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