Subex takes home two TM Forum Catalyst Awards

We are very excited to announce that Subex has been announced as a winner across two categories in the prestigious TM Forum Catalyst Awards 2021. The Catalyst project, Measurements of Trust in AI Environment, a joint initiative with Dialog Axiata, Ncell Axiata, Axiata Digital Labs, BolgiaTen, Brytlyt, and AWS was recognized in the Sustainability category. Similarly, the Catalyst project, 5G Digital Marketplace Phase II, with Colt, Verizon, Cognizant, AWS, Servicenow, and STL was selected for the Best use of Open Digital Framework Category.

TM Forum’s Catalyst Awards recognize the world’s leading companies for their outstanding proof-of-concept solutions to challenges facing communications service providers and their technology partners. The award for Sustainability recognizes the team whose project demonstrates the greatest potential to make our world a better place, based on the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). On the other hand, the Best use of Open Digital Framework award recognizes the team that shows the most powerful use of TM Forum’s Open Digital Framework (ODF) assets in their solution and can quantify the benefits of using these assets.

Steffen Roehn, Chairman of TM Forum and [StR] Partner of Bain & Company comments: “Throughout the past 18 months, the tech communications industry has mastered the challenge to keep the world connected. This meant to overcome a multitude of obstacles to ensure success for customers. We were extremely impressed by the incredible standard of the demonstrations and true innovation throughout the Catalyst projects this year as we reviewed the creativity of the teams in developing solutions to evolve our industry. I was privileged and proud to be a part of the process and I extend my congratulations to all the winners.”

John Gillam, Chief Digital Officer, TM Forum comments: “Through the power of collaboration, we can connect, inspire, and ignite change for good to tackle some of the biggest barriers in telecoms. The TM Forum Catalyst Awards are a chance for us to honor the innovative and creative minds within our industry. This year, through the 41 Catalyst teams, we have seen evidence of the way in which we can unite to drive transformation within society, business, and the wider world. I’m delighted to congratulate this year’s Outstanding Catalysts, and the proof-of-concept solutions they have developed together.”

To see the winners from this year’s TM Forum Catalyst awards, please visit the website here

About the Catalyst Programs:

Measurements of trust in AI environment

Subex joined hands with Catalyst champions, Axiata, Ncell Axiata & Dialog to address the trust issues in AI systems by building a comprehensive framework to measure trust. As part of the catalyst program, the team explores how to bridge the AI trust gap across three use cases: Churn Prediction, Maintaining Model Trust in Real-Time Analytics, and Credit Rating.

5G Digital Marketplace – Phase II

Subex collaborated with Catalyst champions Colt and Verizon to demonstrate a digital marketplace involving cross-industry service compositions and the provisioning of appropriate 5G network slices to provide low-latency services faster. As part of the project, Subex’s Capacity Management solution will provide its proprietary predictive Machine Learning models to predict capacity needs. It will also apply advanced analytics on network slices to understand the impact on QoS (quality of service) and QoE (Quality of Experience) and provide an immersive customer experience.

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