Partner Management way forward for CSPs in a digital world

The impact has been profound of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the whole world, especially for customer service providers. The impact was not felt on the revenues as predicted by some analysts; instead, the impact was how these services are provided and the interaction with customers.

This impact has brought a paradigm shift on what the customer wants, their behavior, and their requirements. The key thing here to understand is the number of revenue streams that have opened. CSPs have started the work towards pivoting these challenging times into opportunities and opportunities into Revenue.

CSPs are under pressure to innovate to counter the rise in competition. They are now expanding their partner ecosystem to drive cost-effective innovation to improve customer experience.

However, from a service operations point of view, the pandemic has exposed CSPs, many of which have not invested in software and processes that enable them to change their internal structures smoothly in response to such a massive change in the Partner Ecosystem.

Despite them understanding the importance of Partner Ecosystem, CSPs are significantly behind in implementing new business models & digital offerings. Following are the challenges which CSPs are facing in curating partner ecosystem, asking more profound questions on CSPs’ capacity to deliver the right technology, skills, and business agility:

Ability to manage Partner Ecosystem & Relationships

Selecting the right partners for a CSPs ecosystem by identifying and scoring them on key KPIs so that their ecosystem is profitable also enables CSPs to accelerate innovation, increase agility and lower the operating cost by offsetting pressure from traditional services.

With the rise in complexity in the partnerships, an end-to-end partner ecosystem management system to the like of Subex’s is the need of the hour.

Which helps to choose the right partner for a CSPs Ecosystem and end-to-end manages the relationship.

Having the right technology in place to manage monetization & Contracts across the partner ecosystem

A converged integrated platform that manages a CSPs B2B billing & settlement for all the LOBs at a single place manages disputes; reconciliation to have high assurance on the revenue is one of the critical requirements.

Growing Partner Ecosystem and increasing dynamics also asks for a High-quality Contract management solution that analyses, tracks SLA, and maintain contractual integrity for all the partners is another area where CSPs need to work upon.

The need for a Converged system that does all of this to create a seamless experience of conversation between partners & CSPs will drive the growth that CSPs are aspiring for.

Why Subex Partner Ecosystem Management?

Subex Partner Ecosystem Management offers capabilities to Expand business while working with traditional partners and digital disruptors to introduce new-age products and services. Partner Ecosystem Management enables collaboration between communication services providers (CSP) and their partners to manage all aspects, from partner onboarding to billing and dispute settlement, taking care of entire partner lifecycle management through a transparent process.

Partner Management Way Forward For Csps In A Digital World

Rise of the API Economy in Forging Dynamic Digital Partnerships

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