Automated anomaly detection in payment gateways – the key to elevating customer experience

Touted as the biggest sporting extravaganza in Indian cricket, the IPL season is famous not just for the tight finishes and action on the screens, but also for the action off it—for example the spike in online food orders. For instance, Swiggy reported a surge of around five to seven percent in orders during IPL season, compared to the other months (according to recent reports). Clearly, viewers did not want to miss out on any of the action, choosing to order their favorite delicacies.The thrill of watching their favorite teams lock horns, effectively means that viewers are glued to the television, with little or no time for anything else. This seal’s the fate of delayed transactions. Orders are typically placed before a match, during breaks or timeouts – leaving a small window for the entire transaction to take place. The four important steps – choosing the menu, placing the order, entry of coupon codes and making the payments – need to complete in the shortest possible time. Delayed authentication and failed transactions can mean unhappy customers.

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