What is Natural Language Query?

Natural Language Query (NLQ), a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) enables you to query the data request in simple languages into the user interface. It uses natural language expressions to discover and understand data. It accelerates the process of finding answers that data can provide. It also helps bridge the gap between technical and non-technical users who may not understand which database has the data and how to use SQL query to create calculations to answer their questions.

It supports the data operations such as driving table suggestion, filtering, grouping and aggregations, sorting, and data visualization using the single score, list, bar chart, pie chart, time series, etc. It does not support domain separation and on-premises instances.

How does Natural Language Query help?

Here are the ways natural language query helps are:

  • It naturally incorporates data governance, making sure data is consistent and useful.
  • It simplifies employee access to business intelligence software.
  • It makes adoption easier by asking questions and getting answers in a natural language without using SQL to query the data.
  • It gives quicker insights and helps you give faster returns.

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