What is Natural Language Generation?

Natural Language Generation (NLG), a subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP), is a process that transforms structured data into human-readable text. It uses artificial intelligence to produce written or spoken narratives from a dataset.

NLG uses numerical information and mathematical formulas to extract patterns from any given database and translates them into a text easy for humans to understand. It is a subset of content automation focused on text automation. Using NLG, businesses can generate thousands pages of data-driven narratives in very less time using the right data in the right format.

Why is Natural Language Generation important?

The data generated by online business is increasing rapidly and natural language generation is extremely important. The textual data format is easy to digest and communicate more effectively than the other forms of the data. Also, with digitization and AI, consumers expect personalization, and this can be provided by NLG at a large scale.

What are the benefits of the Natural Language Generation?

  • It provides consistent and high-quality content.
  • It increases content generation by turning raw data into publishable content.
  • It provides personalized digital experiences to customers in the form of content, performance reports, etc.

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