Origin Based Billing and Routing

Seamless support for OBR Pricesheets, evaluation of corresponding price plans for Billing, Settlements and Routing. Close tracking of the buy & sell destinations, dial code movements for terminating destinations & origin groups leading to optimal margins.

Launch profitable IP-based services

Provides highly exible billing platform enabling them to lead the market with innovative product bundling & charging mechanisms.

Bill and Settle All Services from a Single System

Supports termination and transit, as well as IP, Content, SMS/MMS and 3G, and thus reinforces the exibility of the solution.

Implement complex revenue sharing arrangements

Ensures complex revenue sharing agreements are successfully supported and managed, maximizing profit and reducing the frequency of disputes.

Provide out-of-the-box next-gen support for IP

Supports IP-based business models giving maximum commercial exibility & transit through to complex variable rate services, bandwidth trading and VoIP.

Rapidly respond to changing market conditions

Solid reporting structures helping the carrier have high quality information to make informed decisions.


The wholesale market today is increasingly aggressive and deregulated. Competition is fierce, margins are threatened, billions of different types of events require rating and analysis, agreements are complex and quality of service requires constant vigilance. In such an environment, operators need a partner settlement solution which efficiently accommodates new service launches with their tariff plans and complex revenue-share agreements. The solution, apart from simply billing and rating accurately, also needs to provide advanced and detailed information about the entire wholesale business for voice as well as content; thereby helping service providers make informed decisions.


ROC Partner Settlement allows operators to quickly and accurately settle charges with their network and content partners. It helps operators improve efficiency through light touch and automation, accurate billing and settlement and prudent accrual provisioning. Catering to the need for visibility of each deal's impact on an operator's bottom line owing to shrinking margins, the solution provides strong coverage in all areas from order to cash. It enables operators to manage costs and revenues on interconnect and partner agreements with domestic and international operators as well as content partners on a day-to-day, and hour-to-hour basis.

New types of complex agreements in areas such as IP and content-based services require new system capabilities to ensure that operators have accurate data available to assure revenues. ROC Partner Settlement's flexibility, scalability and ease of use empower all types of service providers, fixed or mobile, national incumbent or new entrant, giving them the edge needed to prosper in today's market.


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