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As a digital service provider, you need to harness huge volumes of data for a nuanced understanding of subscribers’ needs, monetizing new services and streamlining processes across and beyond the enterprise. ROC™ Insights from Subex uses advanced analytics to distill insights across core business areas of revenue assurance, customer engagement, product management and risk mitigation.


ROC™ Insights is a next-generation analytics-as-a-service solution that converts information into meaningful and contextual business insights. It leverages two decades of Subex experience in business / operations support systems (B/OSS) and telecom analytics to deliver actionable business intelligence to relevant business users at the right time. Our solution incorporates robust features to make sense of information and capitalize on insights to provide a business advantage:

From information to insight

Accelerate time-to-insights
Generate actionable business insights in less than eight weeks after deployment, and subsequently benefit from real-time insights.

Storyboards for a business case
Transcend dashboards to distill insights from storyboards that are easy to comprehend by business users at diverse levels.

From legacy issues to bespoke solution

Pay only for business intelligence to address specific challenges, without recurring license fees. Use the right set of data analytics tools for targeted insights, and supplement tools to glean insights across ancillary areas. Significantly, our solution is compatible with your legacy systems and business intelligence infrastructure.
Best of both worlds
Capitalize on a platform that combines machine learning with organizational knowledge. Blend data analytics and algorithms with human intervention to distill and curate timely and accurate business insights.

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ROC™ Insights

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