Risk Assurance as a Service

An out of the box solution - 'right here, right now'!
Fraud and revenue leakages are significant issues to all telecom operators. For smaller operators and the MVNO sector, the issue can be even more challenging due to factors such as restricted Capex budgets, lack of domain expertise, and limited resources. With these customers in mind, Subex has developed a cloud-based service option of their industry-leading solutions. The service provides an 'out of the box' lightweight solution allowing rapid deployments at an affordable monthly price.

Key Highlights

Out-of-the-box detection rules

Pre-built ruleset packs are deployed to address major fraud risk scenarios for operators. The service leverages Subex’s extensive detection capabilities providing a range of detection techniques.

Assurance & Reconciliations

Supports a range of out-of-the-box reconciliations, which would allow re-utilization of the data used for fraud detection for revenue assurance purposes. Examples include validating the MNO invoices, providing assurance over usage, subscriptions, and service completeness, validating the sales and distribution processes.

Cloud Intelligence Database

Subex gathers fraud intelligence from the market and internet to collate the Fraud intelligence database, which includes Unallocated Ranges, IRSF Test Numbers, IRSF Honeypot intelligence, and High-Cost ranges. The database is frequently updated from the Subex command center.

Advanced Query & Link Analysis tools

Intuitive user interface supports ad-hoc queries of data and provides export options to a range of standard formats, e.g., CSV, TXT, etc. The tool also includes link analysis capabilities that allow geographic representations of the data and highlight relationships between specific entities.

Check out Risk Assurance as a Service Benefits

Light touch
Streamlined onboarding and deployment, resulting in minimum time and effort for your teams and swift coverage commencement.
Low cost
Minimal capital outlay and affordable monthly subscription fees with SaaS model lowering capital investment.
Minimal domain knowledge requirements
Pre-built detection rules, Cloud Intelligence, an Intuitive user interface, and an excellent Subex customer support team.
Extended Service Options
For operators who wish to augment their business operations, Subex can also offer Managed Services options.
Extended Assurance coverage
Supports a range of out-of-the-box reconciliations.
Minimal risk and low commitment
Minimal financial commitment and risk with the SaaS model.

How it works?

Resource center
Risk Assurance as a Service

Risk Assurance as a Service

Need for AI-Powered Anti-fraud Tools in Telecom: A Risk Practitioner’s Perspective

Need for AI-Powered Anti-fraud Tools in Telecom: A Risk Practitioner’s Perspective

Batelco Combats A2P SMS Fraud with Subex Solution
Case Study

Batelco Combats A2P SMS Fraud with Subex Solution

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