Unitel selects Subex for protection against telecom fraud

Ulaanbaatar \ Bangalore October 10th 2022: Subex, a leading provider of digital trust, announced that it has been selected by Asian telecommunications and internet major Unitel LLC to help the operator in its fight against fraud and digital crimes. As part of the agreement, Subex’s Signaling Security solution will help Unitel leverage signaling data for the early detection and mitigation of all types of fraud, thereby ensuring the prevention of any loss of information or revenue. 

Cross-border telecom l fraud are today perpetrated by threat actors with access to sophisticated tools and tactics. Such trans-boundary fraud has implications for the economies of nations as well as their overall national security posture. This fact was reinstated by CFCA in their survey which highlights that cross-border signaling-related fraud increased by almost 94% from 2019. The attacks from such fraudsters lead to a large amount of data or personally identifiable information (PII) of unsuspecting victims being compromised while also causing extensive losses to businesses. 

Subex Signaling Security solution’s capabilities address all types of fraud attacks by going well beyond traditional systems’ limitations through comprehensive coverage of old, new, and emerging fraud tactics. Traditional fraud management systems rely extensively on Call Detail Records (CDR), HLR, and other records to build rules and thresholds to detect and prevent known fraud types. While this was very effective in the initial days, today’s sophisticated fraudsters and criminal syndicates have already found many loopholes in signaling protocols such as SS7 (ISUP) & SIP to exploit the resultant vulnerabilities.  

Through the deployment of Subex’s Signaling Security solution, Unitel will now be able to monitor various parameters within multiple signaling protocols. The solution will help Unitel’s fraud management teams with cross-layer insights, including from the network/IP layer, to proactively detect and prevent fraud, curb revenue loss, and improve customer experience 

“Subex has decades of proven capabilities in the fraud management space, making them the ideal partner of choice in the fight against fraud. I believe that in the future, as the digital crime landscape changes and evolves, Subex’s Signaling Security solution will protect our data and customers. This is not just an investment in fraud prevention in terms of our business but also in reinforcing our values in ensuring our customers the best experience,” said Mendsaikhan Amarjargal, Chief Information Security Officer at Unitel.    

Suresh Chintada, CTO, Subex said, “The growing complexities in the telecom ecosystem and dependence on various services for revenues demand a future-proof risk mitigation mechanism. Towards this objective, we are delighted that Subex’s signaling security solution has been selected to provide real-time vigilance against fraud and security threats. The solution’s advanced detection techniques, using machine learning and a vast dictionary of detection elements coupled with the ability to tear down an attack as it is being set up, allow fraud and security teams to get ahead of a potential revenue loss event. This win is a testament to the capabilities of our solution and our ongoing commitment to help telcos fight all forms of fraud.” 

About Subex Limited 

Subex is a pioneer in enabling Digital Trust for businesses across the globe. 

Founded in 1994, Subex has spent over 25 years in helping global Communications Service Providers maximize their revenues and profitability. With a legacy of having served the market through its world-class solutions for business optimization and analytics, Subex is now leading the way by enabling all-round Digital Trust in the business ecosystems of its customers. Focusing on privacy, security, risk mitigation, predictability, and confidence in data, Subex helps businesses embrace the disruptive changes in the business landscape and succeed with Digital Trust. 

Subex leverages its award-winning product portfolio in areas such as Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, Network Analytics, and Partner Management, and complements them through its digital solutions such as IoT Security and Insights. Subex also offers scalable Managed Services and Business Consulting services. Subex has more than 300 installations across 90+ countries.  

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Note: This announcement is not of a material nature 

About Unitel 

Unitel group is the leading telecommunication company in Mongolia.  

Unitel group was founded in 2006 and since then we have grown to be the leaders in our industry. Our company provides comprehensive services in telecommunication, IPTV, internet, landline network, satellite network, broadband network, and mobile content.  

Unitel group employs 1500 people and have worked with 3000 companies and individuals as subcontractors. In 2016, we introduced the first ever 4G LTE network in Mongolia, which has the best nationwide coverage. Unitel group is not only the leader in the telecommunication industry but also an ICT company that provides the most diverse number of services in the IT and communication industry in Mongolia. 

For more information, please visit https://www.unitel.mn/unitel/ 

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