Sun Servers Register Record Performance in Subex Nikira V7.0 Fraud Management System Benchmark Study

Bangalore, INDIA – Subex Limited, a leading global provider of Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS), announced today that Sun Microsystems(TM) has achieved record performance in the Subex Nikira V7.0 Fraud Management System sizing and benchmarking study aimed to ascertain Call Detail Record (CDR) processing throughput with Sun servers. The benchmark performance report shows that Sun hardware was able to process one billion CDRs per day, the highest performance on the Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 server using Nikira.

Vinod Kumar, Group President, Subex Ltd said, “As the market leader in fraud management, Subex has been the preferred partner for CSPs (Communication Service Providers) on the journey towards near-real-time fraud management and fraud prevention. Detecting and preventing fraud while handling large volumes of data is a mission-critical requirement for CSPs today. Running the Nikira fraud management system on Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 servers has helped deliver outstanding performance and reliability for these requirements.”

Ramesh Mamgain, Director – Telecom, Sun Microsystems India said, “Capturing and processing large volumes of real-time billing data requires an exceptional system and network performance. Sun’s SPARC Enterprise M8000 is an ideal solution for this requirement by delivering a highly scalable enterprise-class virtualization and consolidation platform, ideal for high-availability, mission-critical enterprise applications including large-scale databases, BIDW, BRM, ERP and CRM.”

The benchmark report for Subex Nikira V7.0 Fraud Management System will help service providers to continuously improve the performance of their existing fraud management system (FMS) to handle large data volumes and protect against future intrusions. The study was performed with a Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000, two Sun Fire(TM) X4450 servers and a Sun Storage 6780 Array attached to a database (DB) server.

Nikira, the fraud management component of the ROC (Revenue Operations Center), is the market-leading fraud management solution from Subex. Nikira is built to help telecom operators move towards fraud prevention by eliminating known frauds, reducing free run time, augmenting internal controls and through continuous fraud management process improvement.

Nikira boasts several industry-leading features, enabling real time reaction through its in-line controls and transaction controls and prioritizes investigation of potential fraud cases through its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques. Some of Nikira’s features are:

Some of the key features of Nikira V7.0 are –

  • Pre-check functionality, which runs multiple checks on new subscription against blacklists and identifies fraudsters based on phonetic, exact and combination matches.
  • Patent-pending e-fingerprinting feature, which captures the details of subscriber behavior and matches against a hot list of previously recorded fraudster fingerprints without relying on any subscriber credentials.
  • IAQ (Intelligent Alarm Qualifier), which uses AI to detect the truly false alarms, thereby increasing analyst productivity and reducing revenue leakage.

Running the Nikira fraud management system on Sun SPARC Enterprise M8000 servers helps deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability, for Nikira’s mission-critical infrastructure.

Process One Billion CDRs on Sun SPARC Enterprise (TM) M8000 Server

Industry Leading Sun Servers Set New Standards for Performance, Dramatically Increasing Throughput

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