Subex to showcase ROC Insights and Network Analytics capabilities at the Mobile World Congress 2016 – Subex Limited

London, UK Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of Business and Operations Support Systems (B/OSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), will be participating in this year’s Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona, Spain from the 22nd – 25th of February, 2016.

Innovations like Mobility, Cloud Computing, Social Networks and Big Data have changed the way businesses are being run. Today for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), the volume of data required to be dealt with is enormous. In order to effectively use the data to improve and optimize business processes, CSPs need analytics & insights to derive actionable intelligence out of it.

At the event, Subex will be showcasing ROC Insights – a unique approach to solving the problem with data growth. The solution’s capability to harness available operational data that service providers have and transform it into actionable intelligence for their perusal – all in near real time, plays an important part in delivering Business Optimisation to CSPs.

Subex will also be demonstrating its Network Analytics capabilities, a one-of-its-kind solution for telecom Asset Lifecycle Management which provides framework and controls to manage network Capex efficiently.

In addition to the above, full-fledged mobile applications for ROC Revenue Assurance, ROC Fraud Management, ROC Asset Assurance and ROC Insights are being showcased at this year’s MWC event and will be available for hands-on demo.

“Based on Subex’s two decades of B/OSS expertise, telecom domain knowledge and telecom analytics experience, ROC Insights is built on the pillars of ‘Domain’, ‘Analytics’ and ‘Technology’. The program is a combination of services and technology that enables cross-functional data correlation, and ensures that the right information reaches the right people at the right time for informed decision making”, said Vinod Kumar, Chief Operating Officer, Subex.

Subex will be present in the Hospitality Suite at 5F10 in Hall 5.

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About Subex Limited

Subex Limited is a leading global provider of Business and Operations Support Systems (B/OSS) that empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to achieve competitive advantage through Business and CAPEX Optimisation – thereby enabling them to improve their operational efficiency to deliver enhanced service experiences to subscribers.

The company pioneered the concept of a Revenue Operations Center (ROC®) – a centralized approach that sustains profitable growth and financial health through coordinated operational control. Subex’s product portfolio powers the ROC and its best-in-class solutions such as revenue assurance, fraud management, asset assurance, capacity management, data integrity management, credit risk management, cost management, route optimization and partner settlement. Subex also offers a scalable Managed Services program with 30+ customers.

Subex has been awarded the Global Market Share Leader in Financial Assurance 2012 by Frost & Sullivan and has been the winner of Carriers World Awards 2015 for Best Security/Fraud solution, Telecoms Award 2015 for Advances in B/OSS, Pipeline Innovation Award 2013 in Business Intelligence & Analytics; Capacity Magazine Best Product/ Service 2013. Subex has continued to innovate with customers and have been jointly awarded the Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award in 2015 with Mobily; in 2014 with Telstra Global; in 2012 with Idea Cellular for Managed Services and in 2011 with Swisscom for Fraud Management.

Subex’s customers include 39 of top 50 telecom operators* and 7 of the world’s 10 largest# telecom companies worldwide. The company has more than 300 installations across 70 countries.

*Telecom Operators 500, 2015
#The World’s Largest Telecom Companies 2015 – Forbes

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