Subex Releases Q2FY21 Threat Landscape Report

From Geo-politics, revised monetization strategies, IP theft to shifting targets, Subex’s latest threat report unravels the evolving cyber threat landscape

10TH SEPTEMBER, BENGALURU, INDIA – Subex, a pioneer in the space of Digital Trust, and the leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity solutions, today released the findings of its latest threat landscape report for the second quarter of 2020. The findings presented by Subex highlight the dynamic nature of the threat landscape with the addition of new actors, malware, tactics, and avenues for the sale of stolen data.

The report describes the second phase of Covid-19 themed attacks that dominated the cyberworld in the first quarter of the year. While the second phase has seen more breaches, morphed variants, and new threat actors, many established hacker groups and Advanced Persistent Threat teams had moved on to other targets. The report also presents chatter intercepted from various sources by Subex’s threat researchers that gives a rare peek into hacker interactions, collaborative strategies, and targets.

The most significant findings include:

  • State-backed hacker groups have started monetizing cyberattacks as funding from state coffers has started thinning
  • In the absence of funding, more hackers are now seeking ransom than ever before
  • Covid-19 themed attacks continue used mostly by new and amateur hacker groups as a means of making quick money
  • Where is the data? Plenty of Intellectual Property data and confidential information stolen by hackers throughout the year has still not appeared on the Dark web and other places.
  • Intercepted chatter indicates the prevalence of cyberattack playbooks, which are constantly updated
  • New investments observed in establishing botnets in countries with reasonable internet speeds but with lax cybersecurity monitoring and legal enforcement norms
  • The Covid-19 induced recession has not slowed down cyberattacks. If anything, it has emboldened the hackers
  • Manufacturing and utilities continue to draw a huge volume of attacks
  • 2020 has been the most profitable year for hackers so far

Attacks motivated by geopolitical goals have reduced a bit globally as most of the groups involved have started using their capabilities to collect Bitcoins in ransom. Such groups’ ability to stay afloat and operate freely continues to be a matter of concern as they possess the most sophisticated tools and talent in addition to geopolitical grievances. These groups will bounce back when state funding becomes available while making these sophisticated tools and malware available to others.

Vinod Kumar, Managing Director & CEO, Subex, said, “These findings indicate that the cyber pandemic that was unleashed in the wake of Covid-19 continues to shape the overall threat sentiment in cyberspace. We continue to monitor and alert customers, agencies, authorities, partners, and other stakeholders on the impact of these forces on their cybersecurity posture.”

Download the full report here: 

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