Subex launches Version 7.4 of its industry leading Revenue Operations Centre (ROC®) Fraud Management solution

London, UK Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of business support systems (B/OSS) for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), announced that it has launched a new release of its Revenue Operations Centre (ROC) Fraud Management solution – Version 7.4. Subex’s newest version of its ROC Fraud Management solution introduces inline controls for preventing subscription fraud, transaction fraud and equipment loss at point of sale.

ROC Fraud Management is Subex’s award-winning solution that helps wireless and wireline operators eliminate known frauds, uncover new fraud patterns, minimize fraud run time, augment internal controls and support continuous fraud management process improvement. Subex fraud management customers report rapid return on investment and increased productivity and efficiency by significantly reducing the complexity of the fraud management process.

Subex has implemented a new inline control framework, which enables service providers to carry out proactive checks on a new subscriber at the time of customer acquisition. Because of this, the Point of Sale (PoS) staff will no longer need to wait until the fraudster is provisioned and later detected through behavioural rules and profiling. The PoS staff can make real-time decisions and accept, decline or refer any subscriber to prevent fraudsters from entering the network. This also prevents the fraudsters from walking away with valuable devices.

With increasing involvement of telecom operators in money transactions (e.g. mobile money services); it is imperative for them to have strict policy controls to not only detect, but prevent fraudulent transactions occuring. With inline transaction controls, operators can validate any transaction request in real time and prevent fraudulent transactions from being processed.

“We are pleased to release the latest version of our industry leading ROC Fraud Management solution,” said Sudeesh Yezhuvath, Chief Operating Officer at Subex. “The newest version of our fraud management solution includes the ability for operators to carry out real-time checks at the transaction request stage and subscriber acquisition stage and thus prevents fraudulent transactions and handset loss.”

The Subex ROC Fraud Management solution version 7.4 is market ready.

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