Subex completes successful implementation of its ROC® Revenue Assurance solution for leading South East Asian operator

London, UK – Subex Ltd, a leading global provider of operations and business support systems (OSS/BSS) for communications service providers, announced it is now processing over 100 million CDRs a day for a leading South East Asian operator with its acclaimed ROC Revenue Assurance solution. The ROC for Revenue Assurance from Subex supports the operator’s revenues by tracking all Call Detail Records (CDRs) from mobile calls to customer billing.

Research has shown that growing mobile networks can suffer high levels of revenue leakage when business systems and processes do not keep up with a network roll-out or new customer acquisition. End to end revenue assurance compares the CDR data of calls made with customer billing information to identify the causes and levels of revenue leakage. Once the sources are identified corrections can be made to ensure all revenues are collected.

ROC Revenue Assurance is designed not only to detect potential revenue loss, but also to assist an operator with its investigation, diagnosis and recovery of these revenues. It provides unprecedented automated correction capabilities to improve bottom-line results and provide a quick return-on-investment. The solution is flexible and will support revenue assurance practices as the provider expands and matures.

“South East Asia is a growing telecom market and the operator needed a revenue assurance solution that met its immediate price/performance needs with the ability to scale,” noted Sudeesh Yezhuvath, COO at Subex. “As a key part of our Business Optimisation portfolio, we are happy that our acclaimed and unique platform, ROC for Revenue Assurance, is exceeding the customer’s expectation and helping the operator to mitigate revenue leakages.”

About Subex Limited
Subex Limited is a leading global provider of Operations and Business Support Systems (OSS/BSS) that empowers communications service providers (CSPs) to achieve competitive advantage through Business Optimisation and Service Agility – thereby enabling them to better operational efficiency to deliver enhanced service experiences to subscribers.

The company pioneered the concept of a Revenue Operations Center (ROC) – a centralized approach that sustains profitable growth and financial health through coordinated operational control. Subex’s product portfolio powers the ROC and its best-in-class solutions enable new service creation, operational transformation, subscriber-centric fulfillment, provisioning automation, revenue assurance, cost management, data integrity management, fraud management and interconnect / inter-party settlement.

Subex’s customers include 36 of the world’s 72 biggest* telecommunications service providers. The company has more than 300 installations across 70 countries.

* Forbes’ Global 2000 list, 2009

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