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Seven Sages ‘Articulates Intelligence’

Dec 17, 2018
The positives of the ever-increasing technological integration into the business landscape are quite apparent. Cutting-edge technologies such as AI and machine learning are making it possible for organizations to optimize business operations across the board, swiftly capitalise on emerging market trends, and improve their profitability. They are creating high-value business...

The Digital Juggernaut

Dec 13, 2018
By digitalization we mean digitalization of the core enterprise infrastructure for efficiency and scale, digitalization of customer and partner engagement systems and of course net new digital offerings. India with its 1.4 billion population represents significant opportunities for digital adoption in every sector of public and private spheres. Thankfully, India...

“Sophistication and impact of identity fraud in the telecom market has increased, ”Rohit Maheshwari, Subex

Dec 6, 2018
India is beginning the 5G roll-out trials and combined with IoT, I expect an explosion in the availability of digital data, which is the fuel for AI. However, there are two risks I clearly see. Firstly executives will need to be careful in seeing through the AI hype and carefully...
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