Network Data Governance

Network data governance powered by Subex

Your telecom enterprise requires data integrity in network inventory to achieve near real-time provisioning of services. It has a multiplier effect in terms of stranded assets recovery,  and lower service fallouts. Subex provides a data integrity solution to enhance the quality of network data for tangible business outcomes.

Network data governance

ROC™ Network Data Governance ensures a single source of truth to deliver accurate and relevant data for maximizing the effectiveness of service fulfillment and service assurance. It drives continuous data integrity using automated and semi-automated processes to improve the planning and activation cycle, reduce time-to-service and eliminate stranded assets. Our solution surveys the heterogeneous network landscape to discover devices and services and reconcile data with the business / operations support systems (B/OSS) in a controlled manner.

Network governance driven by data analytics

ROC™ Network Data Governance is a holistic data integrity solution that leverages data analytics to automate identification, correlate discrepancies and facilitate resolution through workflows and auto-reconciliation routines.


Improve business outcomes
Drive first-time-right service fulfillment, reduce order fallout through perpetual inventory data integrity and improve activation fallout rates.
Recover assets
Salvage stranded assets by re-deploying underutilized network devices, thereby optimizing capex.
Network audit
Monitor network inventory with existing and on-the-go network assets with automated network discovery.


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