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Fact: A subsidized package of a high-end smartphone with a multi-year data plan is a win-win proposition for subscribers and telcos. Reality: A rising percentage of subscribers are abandoning such bundled packages resulting in huge losses for operators. Apart from attrition, telecom enterprises need to address identity fraud by new subscribers who use the name, address and social security number of another person, sometimes even of a deceased person.


Our handset fraud management solution addresses fraudulent activity in real time, at the source. It incorporates predictive modeling by leveraging machine learning to identify profiles of fraudsters at activation or the point of sale. It prevents fraudulent activity by identifying new fraudsters as well as denying re-entry of repeat offenders. Our solution drives fraud prevention by eliminating known fraudsters, uncovering fraud patterns, minimizing fraud run time, augmenting internal controls, and supporting continuous fraud process improvement.

Real-time vigilance to prevent handset fraud

Our handset fraud management solution offers holistic subscription and handset fraud coverage with a robust system that profiles subscribers with credentials and user behavior to identify fraud patterns and recognize fraudsters. In addition, the system maintains a fraudsters hotlist to prevent unauthorized access by repeat offenders.

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