Fraud Alerts

News about digital frauds from across the world curated and circulated to our subscribers once in a quarter.

    Fraud Alert
    January 2011
    Fraud Alert

    Romanian police bust €11m telecom fraud

    December 2010
    Fraud Alert

    Digital telephony emerges as a new form for phishing

    October 2010
    Fraud Alert

    French authorities arrested nine people suspected of selling unlock codes for operator-restricted mobile phones.

    September 2010
    Fraud Alert

    M ainland C hina, Taiw an p olic e bust major t elec om sc am

    August 2010
    Fraud Alert

    Top executives of a well known private telecom operator in India have been charged with telecom fraud.

    July 2010
    Fraud Alert

    Vietnam police arrested 32 people from Taiwan and 12 from mainland China for suspected involvement in a telephone scam.

    June 2010
    Fraud Alert

    There are new tricks being developed to elicit people to dial a PRS line and defraud them.

    May 2010
    Fraud Alert

    A malicious worm used for IRSF fraud was detected on the number +3396003964. On investigation

    April 2010
    Fraud Alert

    New Zealand rms – the latest victims of PBX hacking

    March 2010
    Fraud Alert

    Internal fraud is on the rise

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