Direct Carrier Billing Assurance

Direct Carrier Billing: Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the next phase of growth in your journey as a Digital Service Provider? Well, Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) opens a new horizon for those who wish to identify new revenue opportunities on digital services. Carriers across the world are building relations with content providers and app stores to climb up the ladder. Make your DCB journey smooth and profitable through Subex’s industry-leading DCB Assurance portfolio.

Direct Carrier Billing
Direct Carrier Billing

Why DCB Assurance?

While DCB opens a new opportunity to improve ARPU and customer retention, it is also affected by several challenges. DCB frauds can have a significant adverse impact on the revenue and customer experience. Subex’s DCB Assurance helps you identify the problem areas in the DCB value chain and adopt preventive measures before they impact the business.

Fighting the Odds and Frauds

After analyzing the problems faced by DCB providers, Subex has built a DCB Assurance strategy focusing on key areas like customer acquisition, revenue assurance, fraud detection and prevention, regulatory compliance and settlement assurance. With such a proactive DCB strategy, you can anticipate the problems well in advance and remediate them with ease.

Direct Carrier Billing


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