Augmented Analytics

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Augmented Analytics
As a CMO managing the revenue-generating functions of an organization, you must realize the importance of data insights to make business decisions. Having complete visibility of your sales and marketing efforts will help you achieve the desired results. You need to build trust in your data and access insights that are consumable and actionable to help you with fast and accurate decision-making to drive business growth. Here is a list of key CMO use cases and relevant solutions.

What is Augmented Analytics?

Augmented Analytics uses automated Machine Learning to transform how data and analytics content is prepared, developed, consumed and shared. It is a component of augmented intelligence, and also applies ML to automate vital aspects of Data Science to enable business users to automatically find, visualize and narrate relevant findings from data.

Why is it important now?

Businesses today are acutely aware of the importance of leveraging a combination of data and AI to win in an extremely competitive market. However, they struggle with a scattered data infrastructure and a manual and error-prone AI application in their data-to-insights journey. What they need is a mechanism that allows them to deal with a huge range of variables and the complex relationships that exist between these variables, to maximize the value of their data – and Augmented Analytics provides this.

What is Subex’s play in Augmented Analytics?

We believe Augmented Analytics is the right approach to succeed in this disruptive era by combining Data Management, BRM, Data Science, and Advanced BI & Decision Ops capabilities all under a single hood. This will empower businesses to excel in the VUCA world by powering radical digital transformations and enabling them to deliver winning customer experience.

The journey ahead is exciting! Watch this space for more.

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